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We are citizens for expanding the University of California system

I wrote the powerpoint below some time ago, I think the idea of doing another round of voter-approved regenerative medicine bonds could fund the establishment of 3 or 4 graduate only UC
Campuses and their buildings that would surround the regenerative medicine campus owned by the new UC campuses would be amortized by federal research grants

I believe that in my old powerpoint I was advocating that these new medical research UC campuses would have medical schools. These should be free of tuition for those students who agree to practice in California under a number of conditions IE you must take Medi-Cal and Medicare patients.

Idea! A new round of Institute of Regenerative Medicine bonds could be repaid with UC  federal NIH research funding IE UC would own those buildings.

Over the following decades, Undergraduate programs would follow and expand these campuses



we are citizens for expanding the university of

New ideas post my original powerpoint, I believe strongly in a voter-approved geographical new UC campus siting plan

UCE University of California at Eureka a geographically remote area in need of economic development. Has that inspirational land and sea that humans love.

UCM UC Merced accelerate the planned school of medicine with a graduate school for research

Future blog article;   The BC Canada system of on and off system of academic and employment system my version of economic equality. The idea local community college admits certified nursing assistants these graduates have guaranteed admittance to the two-year nursing program. While in this program the UC partner employs them as work study or interns but only as fully pension health care employees. We are proposing a coop education/employee system. All of these student/ employees are guaranteed transfer to the UC Nursing to the UC nursing student is a coop student.


semester 1 CNA student

Semester 2 paid work-study/coop at the nearby UC hospital

Semester 3 CNA/two-year nursing transition

semester 4 paid coop semester as a UC hospital  employee

semester 5 two years nursing student 1 and a half semester  of CNA

Semesters 6 UC hospital employee as a nursing student

semester 7 second/third semester as a two-year Nursing student transfer to or in a 4-year degree program

semester 8 UC employment at UC hospital as a Nursing intern

Semester 9 4th year Nursing semester have the right to transfer to Medical school or another grad program


Alternative California coop programs,

The California guard SMP program  and military ROTC  will offer  those who decline a 4-year scholarship but finish the degree a tuition-free








(A)(1) Place the foster child on the childhood SSDI program most likely with the help  of a legal aid organization; Place SSDI and other funds into an ABEL account***

(A)(2) San Francisco legislation placing the foster child into the Mayors homeownership program without a lottery when the child ages out of foster care. The ABEL account is a Part of the Home Downpayment

(A)(3)The Foster parent and a Court Appointed conservator would ensure that the long-term portion of the ABEL account dedicated to homeownership is not violated.

(A)(4) We propose to partner with the San Francisco Housing authority to explore the possibility of a foster child aging out into using a family choice voucher to pay the mortgage, unfortunately, most foster children in public housing age out into homelessness (How?) Can we legislate a no waitlist housing voucher for this program in partnership with the mayors home ownership office?

(A)(5) This proposed program would incentivize home ownership for the foster parent! The foster parent who has a housing voucher for the foster family size. This program could be a recruiting tool for foster parenting.



Some math!

5000 X (US$ 400) x 12 =
24 million US$
5000 foster children X $400 per month gifted into an ABEL account sums to $24 million per year
So what does this represent per foster child?
let us look and see

Could we use Prop C funds for some of these children?

$400 per month for 18 years does produce about $150,000 with housing authority partners and the city we could move aged-out foster children into home ownership!



Screenplay concept; NRA employee dies suddenly from gunshot and his ghost comes back and is shown the ER by a DR for a week before the holidays

Screenplay concept; NRA employee dies suddenly from gunshot and his ghost comes back and is shown the ER by a DR for a week before the holidays. based on Dickens Ghost of Christmas past

Inspired by this  twitter exchange

I’d like to invite someone from the NRA to Follow me around for a week while I do my shift as an ER/Trauma MD. I’d like to have them go into that “dreaded room” with me, The room where we tell a parent that we did all we could for their child, but we could not save their lives.

This screenplay asks you to imagine that Dickens novel you know the ghosts of Christmas past

This screenplay is based on a Dicksen story of the “ghost of Christmas past” Could this be a short SNL skit?

Screenplay by Steven Rappolee

Tenderloin sidewalk pollinator garden and trellis forests

Tenderloin sidewalk pollinator garden and trellis forests



California native grape

screencapture-boethingtreeland-plant-type-vines-bougainvillea-california-gold-html-2018-11-03-16_18_13(A(1) Experimental permitting; on every Tenderloin, block remove one car parking spot and extend the sidewalk out 4 feet in a half oval. Permit a larger tree here. In place, a poop proof cement bern and cement seating around for children’s bus stop. I have seen transport vehicles triple parked in front of 145 Taylor Street picking up children.

(A)(2) The new tree ordinance removes property owners from responsibility but an experimental permit could add in DOL job training programs in trellis and pruning management in a building owner public works partnership. This means the pruning could keep a larger tree in good behavior.

(A)(3) Urban Ag means permits for trees that produce fruit and the larger tree or its dwarf variety would fit more into a sidewalk garden permit

(A)(4) Urban AG permaculturists recommend the Kiwifruit vine for sidewalk trellis


Anti Poop cement Bern











Turning these tough inner-city walls into wall gardens with Urban Ag Tree trellis would be an awesome challenge


Some things in big pots should never have to draw a tree permit! or at least we are owed a tree permit Variance

Skip the first 2 minutes, This olive tree is in a big pot it does not fit the definition of a troublesome tree in the Tenderloin according to tree permit rules

WHO says we can’t have California native trees here in the Tenderloin

Friends of the Urban Forrest can put in a native California garden but we would put these in after

I am trying to get youtube to show me California Native Bonsai 🙂


This is a collection of building wall Trellis that we propose for the Tenderloin










Lake Nasser solar power and water conservation project

Ethiopia Egypt Lake Nasser floating photovoltaic Power for Peace Station

The Ethiopian Grand Renaissance dam is Africa’s main hotspot for international tensions, Egypt believes the filling of this reservoir would cut its supply of Nile river waters and to compound the problem Egypt’s Lake Nasser loses much of its mass through high desert photoevaporation

We propose Ethiopia and Egypt would own this together and that in the end water saved from photoevaporation would be shared.

I came up with a possible solution in 2018 and I was inspired by China floating solar power plants that also alleviate photoevaporation.

The red Circles are the floating solar power plants and surface area in Square kilometers.

power station

Radius 4.99 kilometers

Area   78.36 square Kilometers for the third power plant here

Now the task is to calculate the power that can be generated by the third plant with its 78 square kilometers of photovoltaic cells. The slightly smaller power plant to the North East is most likely 60 square Kilometers and the larger plant to the north maybe 100 square kilometers

Total for this phase about 230 square kilometers!

This is about 34,500 MW!

To stop the loss of water from Lake Nasser through evaporation we need much more solar panels then this. 500 Square miles of floating solar power panels would be about 10% of Lake Nasser we need perhaps 40% to make a savings of lost water from Lake Nasser.500 square miles of solar panels would produce 75,000 Mw.

power station-2


power station-3Powerplants 4,5 and 6 represent a further 108, 137 and 73 Square Kilometers of floating photovoltaics cells on Lake Nasser

The Water levels of Lake Victoria is dropping from drought and here to Power loss at the Nalubaale power station could be supplanted or augmented by floating solar power. Lake Victoria also drains into the Nile River Basin

Nalubaale-1  20 Square Kilometers floating photovoltaic power plant


nalubaale power plant

The Grand Ethiopian Dam itself could hold this 75 square Kilometer floating solar power plant near its grand ethiopian rennaisance dam power sation75 Square miles of solar panels would produce 11.25 Gw of power

1 square Kilometer is 150 Mw and $150 Million to build out.75 x 150 Mw is our 11.25 Gw and 75 x $150 million = $11.25 Billion

If the panels housed aquaculture would this increase the surface area? We imagine roof like structures covering aquaculture facility


The second floating power station

grand ethiopian rennaisance dam power station-2


The rights to water saved from Photoevaporation from the solar panels would be an important value to paying for the project


A new find, 16 February 2019


Our goal is to save and sell 5 Cubic Kilometers of water from  Lake Nasser every year!

California native tree Bonsai for Tenderloin Sidewalk garden

Our Theory is that native tree Bonsai would not require a Public works tree permit and would only require a permit for the native plant garden. The Bonsai project would be a part of a low-income housing employment and training program

Project Locations


Hotel sustainability committee

Pennsylvania street garden presentation

Pollinator project presentation

Street Parks Workshop
Hosted by Parks Alliance & Public Works

Street Parks Workshop Hosted by Parks Alliance & Public Works

We propose to do this

Land Life Company



The San Francisco Hotel and Tenderloin resident honey bee collaborative

Final version



Proposed Partners




Mr. Shaw THC


DISH property’s


Community housing partnership


Mr. Rappolee Tree evangelist


Pollinator Partnership


Urban bee San Francisco


North Coast native nursery


Sustainability Committee of the hotel Council


Clift Bee Sanctuary and Cocktail Herb Garden




W hotel rooftop bees




Many property owners here in the tenderloin hate trees because they perceive them to be attractors of human waste, however, the large Nonprofit landlords employ an army of patience staff., You can see them every day hosing down the sidewalks, this is where you want to be a tree.

It is in the interests of the Hotel Sustainability council rooftop bee project to make the Tenderloin bloom, so I intend to try and enlist them to help us.

We need to build coalitions to convince Friends of the Urban Forest to do business here in the challenging environment of the Tenderloin. We need to build coalitions


The hotels should welcome not only trees but TNDC buildings all having sidewalk gardens because here we can make California native flowers common and within flying distance of the rooftop bees. (TNDC has agreed to sponsor trees)

Friends of the urban forest and the city economic development and job training folks all run summer youth job programs


Street Parks <>



Synergies between Mars rover 2020 and BFR landing site selections

There would be a commercial market opportunity to have BFR as the contracted Mars sample return vehicle! This would be a contribution to BFR R&D much like Xprizes are.

Mars 2020 plans call for the Mars 2020 rover to deposit the cached samples at two locations.BFR could land near one of them leaving the other cache for another mission.

Mars 2020 Mars rover should keep an eye out for evidence of subsurface ice for BFR ISRU. Alternatively, BFR could forego cargo for propellant from the earth and bring the samples to a Mars-orbiting spacecraft provided By NASA.

BFR as MAV! bring 50 tons of water ice from earth, ISRU with Mars CO2 at a Mars 2020 rover cache site. Bring sample cache to Mars orbit. Alternative option BFR lands in the Midway site and with its own rover journeys to the Mars 2020 rovers cached sample and retrieves it


BFR imaged from Mars 2020 rover while landing from a distance would provide engineering data of the landing and a social media storm

Tesla Model S induction reluctance motor for Torque power for Farm Tractors and implements

Hypothesis; Biomethane produced from farms could power electrical power and with battery storage could power farm equipment. This could be a carbon neutral method to produce Ethanal for vehicles and needs a study of new combinations of polyculture.

The alternative is to produce and store all of the farm’s power needs with solar electric and storage and to export all of the methane and ethanol to the grid for transport fuel. We discuss a Tesla motor powered tractor below.

Example, motor vehicle Ethanol may, in fact, be a net CO2 producer due to the use of fossil fuels in tractors and transport of the Ethanol. Coproducing Soybeans with dairy or beef or pigs would result in Biomethane to power the tractors that in turn produces the soybeans

When market forces change  such as a drop in Soybean prices then feed more of it to the animals

This is an exciting video of a biomethane powered tractor but I think a Tesla motor powered tractor might last longer?


What would be the economic trades of a farm-based solar powered and charged Tesla motor tractor? The solar system could augment the Biomethane power plant.

Tesla soy sauce 🙂 value-added products are often the way for farmers and their Coops to thrive. People have made white soy sauce from brewers mash so perhaps something could be made from Ethanal soybean mash?

In the case of Ethanal, I conflicted soybeans with corn so our hybrid farm powerplant needs to grow corn! Biodiesel, however, is an inefficient production process so you would want to use the corn vegetable oil to power

Farm power plant as an example would cover its silos in solar electric panels and the roof of the food processing plant


We need to have an experimental Tesla/Solar city agricultural experiment center I think you could get DOE and USDA funding to much of the costs 🙂

Question for Stack Exchange how many cows to produce enough Methane for a BFR or Launch?

This Dairy farm is vertically integrated with the Methane powering the farm and cheese factory

If the farm Implements where all solar powered then the Dairy cow manure could power launch vehicles

Pig Poop rocket propellent



This Alberta Beef feedlot produces both Methane and Ethanal. they use the Methane to produce electricity for the town and process heat for the Ethanal production. The spent grain then feeds the cattle. In our scenario, we would power it all with solar and export all of the Methane and Ethanal out to the gride as a transportation fuel.


Tesla Model S induction reluctance motor for solar powered sailboats (The solar-powered Marina power station)

Tesla Model S induction reluctance motor for solar-powered sailboats (The Solar Powerd Marina Power station)

We sail for fun! But a deployable solar array on your sail would produce a lot of power! So your sailboat would require a lot of Tesla storage batteries perhaps as ballast? Once back at the Marina you would want to dump this power back into the grid.

We sail for fun! This means we do use the sailboat’s engine some of the time but here we propose to model the Tesla S Induction Reluctance Motor onboard the sailboat. The boat is much heavier than the car but it is displacing seawater and travels much slower so what would be the distance traveled per charge?

Assuming the existence of a deployable sail solar voltaic cells what is the surface area of a sailboat sail? and power produced?

If the sailboat replaced its ballast(The Kiel) That would a  very large Tesla Battery storage so we would need to compute payback periods. We need to compute time the sailboat is in use. Some sailboats are for hire and would be out on the water often, these we propose could have a very large amount of battery storage aboard. The weekend recreational boat could have less battery storage onboard to reflect the lower frequency of unfurling the “power sail”

Someday soon we would want the Tesla customer to be able to sale back power through the Tesla charging grid.

This idea is criticized by the non-existence of a deployable solar powered sail! you cant have existing rigged photovoltaic on a sail flapping in the wind. I think this could be developed

Sail dimensions calculator

displacement calculator

One example of a sailboat sail area

Total sail area 91 m2 / 979.51 sq.ft.

A rooftop system of this size would produce 12,000 kWh per year

Our sailboat much less

in a perfect world where you are hiring out your sailboat every day for 6 or more hours with the perfect solar sail, you would be making $400 a month plus your paying guests

Here is an example that could be improved with Tesla motors and plugin



ICPS Gateway Wetlab

(A)(1) Option 1 place the ICPS into a DRO around the moon for storage for later use. (A)(2)Option 2 Orion does a TD&E maneuver with its ICPS stage after TLI with a Nanoracks docking unit

Close relationship to the ACES/SEP PPE gateway propulsion unit post,



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