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Tesla Model S induction reluctance motor for Torque power for Farm Tractors and implements

Hypothesis; Biomethane produced from farms could power electrical power and with battery storage could power farm equipment. This could be a carbon neutral method to produce Ethanal for vehicles and needs a study of new combinations of polyculture.

The alternative is to produce and store all of the farm’s power needs with solar electric and storage and to export all of the methane and ethanol to the grid for transport fuel. We discuss a Tesla motor powered tractor below.

Example, motor vehicle Ethanol may, in fact, be a net CO2 producer due to the use of fossil fuels in tractors and transport of the Ethanol. Coproducing Soybeans with dairy or beef or pigs would result in Biomethane to power the tractors that in turn produces the soybeans

When market forces change  such as a drop in Soybean prices then feed more of it to the animals

This is an exciting video of a biomethane powered tractor but I think a Tesla motor powered tractor might last longer?


What would be the economic trades of a farm-based solar powered and charged Tesla motor tractor? The solar system could augment the Biomethane power plant.

Tesla soy sauce 🙂 value-added products are often the way for farmers and their Coops to thrive. People have made white soy sauce from brewers mash so perhaps something could be made from Ethanal soybean mash?

In the case of Ethanal, I conflicted soybeans with corn so our hybrid farm powerplant needs to grow corn! Biodiesel, however, is an inefficient production process so you would want to use the corn vegetable oil to power

Farm power plant as an example would cover its silos in solar electric panels and the roof of the food processing plant


We need to have an experimental Tesla/Solar city agricultural experiment center I think you could get DOE and USDA funding to much of the costs 🙂

Question for Stack Exchange how many cows to produce enough Methane for a BFR or Launch?

This Dairy farm is vertically integrated with the Methane powering the farm and cheese factory

If the farm Implements where all solar powered then the Dairy cow manure could power launch vehicles

Pig Poop rocket propellent



This Alberta Beef feedlot produces both Methane and Ethanal. they use the Methane to produce electricity for the town and process heat for the Ethanal production. The spent grain then feeds the cattle. In our scenario, we would power it all with solar and export all of the Methane and Ethanal out to the gride as a transportation fuel.



Tesla Model S induction reluctance motor for solar powered sailboats (The solar-powered Marina power station)

Tesla Model S induction reluctance motor for solar-powered sailboats (The Solar Powerd Marina Power station)

We sail for fun! But a deployable solar array on your sail would produce a lot of power! So your sailboat would require a lot of Tesla storage batteries perhaps as ballast? Once back at the Marina you would want to dump this power back into the grid.

We sail for fun! This means we do use the sailboat’s engine some of the time but here we propose to model the Tesla S Induction Reluctance Motor onboard the sailboat. The boat is much heavier than the car but it is displacing seawater and travels much slower so what would be the distance traveled per charge?

Assuming the existence of a deployable sail solar voltaic cells what is the surface area of a sailboat sail? and power produced?

If the sailboat replaced its ballast(The Kiel) That would a  very large Tesla Battery storage so we would need to compute payback periods. We need to compute time the sailboat is in use. Some sailboats are for hire and would be out on the water often, these we propose could have a very large amount of battery storage aboard. The weekend recreational boat could have less battery storage onboard to reflect the lower frequency of unfurling the “power sail”

Someday soon we would want the Tesla customer to be able to sale back power through the Tesla charging grid.

This idea is criticized by the non-existence of a deployable solar powered sail! you cant have existing rigged photovoltaic on a sail flapping in the wind. I think this could be developed

Sail dimensions calculator

displacement calculator

One example of a sailboat sail area

Total sail area 91 m2 / 979.51 sq.ft.

A rooftop system of this size would produce 12,000 kWh per year

Our sailboat much less

in a perfect world where you are hiring out your sailboat every day for 6 or more hours with the perfect solar sail, you would be making $400 a month plus your paying guests

Here is an example that could be improved with Tesla motors and plugin



ICPS Gateway Wetlab

(A)(1) Option 1 place the ICPS into a DRO around the moon for storage for later use. (A)(2)Option 2 Orion does a TD&E maneuver with its ICPS stage after TLI with a Nanoracks docking unit

Close relationship to the ACES/SEP PPE gateway propulsion unit post,



ULA ACES/SEP hybrid Gateway PPE docked to a Vulcan First stage

ULA ACES/SEP hybrid Gateway PPE docked to a Vulcan First stage



La Cocina home care aid and entrepreneurship instructor COOP

Business case: La Cocina graduates entrepreneurs from its programs, when the business owner is not busy then as a community service for pay they teach an elderly or disabled person how to cook while helping them to cook. The Coop would be a for-profit home care agency


The Coop could have however full-time members who run this business as their main affair. My home health care worker teaches me how to cook Philipino cuisine and I am interested in stating up a Coop my self. I use to work for a labor union and I thought back then Unions could set up companies and that company would agree to use the hiring hall…..








La Cocina

Ice Giant trajectory Via Jupiter Solar flyby post-2032

After 2032 Jupiter and Saturn flyby trajectories dry up for ice Giant missions, however here is an idea; Let’s try to do trajectory analysis for Ice Giant and other targets utilizing Jupiter Solar flybys!

Unlike interstellar probe missions, we most likely do not need to do a close solar flyby because our goal is to do an Ice Giant orbit insertion. We need lower C3 to do this. After Solar flyby, we are looking for flyby opportunities for science and to perhaps lower our C3 to the Ice Giant (Saturn?)

Trade space

Fast Ice Giants close in Jupiter Solar flybys need a Saturn retrograde under the rings Oberth burn to lose C3 velocity

Fast Earth Jupiter Solar Slow Solar bending to a low C3 Neptune Orbit insertion


We are looking for solar flybys that bend our orbit to the ice giants after 2032 that are closed to Jupiter flybys.



Bocanegra+2015 (1)

ISSFD24_Paper_S6-1_campagnola (1)


If you are not concerned about Uranus or Neptune orbit insertion then there is this

What would be the result of the Jupiter Solar flybys for these ARGOS type mission proposals?


Planetary Science with an Interstellar Probe…/Mandt.pd..

Dimensions and volume of a Cryogenic Zenon SEP propellant tank

All of these papers are for particle physics experiments. A cryogenic Xenon Tank embedded in a cryogenic chemical stage would have better mass fractions. Cryogenic Xenon would easily fit in a Hydrolox or Metholox in space stage

We propose a Hydrolox  SEP Gateway PPE stage!

it would also serve as a fuel depot and planetary probe, with a distributed launch and SEP you could get a fully fueled stage to an orbit injection burn at Pluto and the Ice Giants




2011 IEPC High Power SEP for Expl paper19910002485


From IEPC1991

     “Let us consider a few cases. We saw above that for tank pressure containment mass is inversely proportion ion engine operating on xenon at 5000  seconds I,p  signal to the propellant density. For the cryogenic case, at 30  kW, the tank heat load will need to be limited to one needs a somewhat larger safety factor because of 3  W. Liquid xenon has a density of 3.08 kg/I  at 165  K, possible temperature excursions, so using P = 3,  and so if we assume an initial 3000 kg  propellant load, the P =  1 atm = 101  kPa, we find that for a 3000 kg  initial tank will need a volume of 974 1. A  spherical tank of the propellant load in a titanium tank, xenon will require this volume will have a radius of .61  m and a surface only 1.5 kg for pressure containment, helium will area of 4.75 m2 “


Our Ice Giant Mission Tug would look like this

Vulcan Heavy center core to orbit as a distributed launch tanker and wet lab

Vulcan Heavy center core to orbit as a distributed launch tanker and wet lab

(1)(A) The mission is a fully fueled ACES at Ice giant orbit insertion. This is done by the core stage as a or with a tanker to send ACES with an outer planet mission

(1)(B) the secondary mission is the core stage in orbit as a wet lab space station

(1)(C) The engine could be a vacuum engine or EVA could remove and recover it



Migration and tidally locked dark side of planets as refugium from Red Dwarf flaring

Migration and tidally locked dark side of planets as refugium from Red Dwarf flaring


Imagine you are a migratory ocean-going organism on a tidally locked planet around a red dwarf that flares

Your star is trying to kill you

assuming the flare does not destroy your atmosphere over time a tidally locked planets dark side could be a watery refugium. The Refugium would repopulate sunlit ocean with microorganisms and larger swimming Metazoans could migrate in and out of the dark and lit ocean areas

(your star has already killed you)



Venus Gateway space station and Observation platform

We propose that the  PPE SEP stage of the proposed Lunar Gateway be used to transport and provide power to a Venus Radar imaging mission. We want to also demonstrate a COTS commercial procurement for Venus science.

The Gateway PPE would carry a larger version of The Venus Emissivity Mapper (VEM)  and the PPE would be joined later by human-tended Gateway modules. Human tended Venus missions could allow a campaign of Venus CubeSats with Nanoracks deployment. The VOX mission’s Atmospheric Sample Vehicle would be based on the Cupid Arrow probe concept and turn could be deployed from the Venus Gateway. The Venus Gateway human-tended platform could host the proposed Sentinal NEO observer cameras.

The Venus Gateway is a HEOMD funded program the science instruments are SMD funded



Shuttle Imaging Radar-A

Shuttle Imaging Radar-B

Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM)

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