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serially produced Row World landers for planned off the shelf procurement

March 19, 2019

serially produced Row World landers for planned off the shelf procurement

This an AO management tool meant to allow for Europan lander engineering test model to lead to a Triton lander. The objective here is to build the Lander and its testbed and parts for a third and fourth spacecraft. The parts for the third lander could be anywhere from 30% to 60% of the next vehicle and would be stored until the next AO. At each future AO the 30% to 60% would be offered as government furnished equipment However the proposer and the government must ensure that another flight set of hardware is provided to the next AO.

This could be done on a COTS model where the vendor is guaranteed a flight with a newly competed science team through an AO. A ROW world lander for cryogenic worlds could be landed in a permanently shaded Lunar or Mercury crater as a test flight. This test flight would allow lessons learned from the commercial lunar lander program to be adopted by the ROW world lander program

This process would also allow for more efficient cost engineering and risk reduction of ROW world landers

Most of the larger ROW worlds are similar in size where you could possibly have a 1 size lander. You could then offload propellent or have an oversized lander be a hopper***

*** South Atkinson shaded crater lander

High on the decadel survey priority list, we would want it to do at least one hop. Performs a landing in the dark crater demonstrates Cold Tech hops back out into the sunlight for a longer mission. This common lander must be sized for the larger Icey moons but when landed on a smaller moon could carry more landed cargo.




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