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Landfill and Sewage gas fermentation to fish food proteins

July 5, 2019

Landfill gas emissions are usually about 50% CO2 and 50% CH4 so both these gases would lend themselves to both the @NovoNutrients and the @Feedkind.The folks at @feedkind are working on the bacterial transformation of CH4 to fish food proteins the folks at NovoNutrients would ferment a mix of CO2 and H2 the H2 would come at some costs.

The landfill CH4 could be combusted for power and that CO2 and H2O could be feed into the NovoNutreints process at the cost of producing the H2. It might make more sense to use both processes at the same site


The landfill is a good place to start this business model. This image is the waste management facility at Altamont pass. I have circled in 13 million square meters of proposed solar Voltaics for solar power.lets do a rough estimate this 13 million square meters should produce 2 Gigawatts.

13 million square feet solar

Altamont Pass landfill can produce almost 13 Million Gallons of Bio LNG that now powers electrical and powers 300 Garbage trucks. We would replace these over time with electric trucks in order to convert all of the LNG to Proteins.

The CO2 produced by the Altamont LNG power plant goes to this cycle.



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