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Plant Protein & cellular agriculture, value-added canned soup product

July 20, 2019

In the next 60 years, we might see a collapse of the grain crops due to drought but more importantly introduced or evolved blights and disease. It might be useful to have a cellular source for all of the grain proteins that make up flours. Cellular Gluttons might free up Grian croplands to return to Priare and woodland soils for CO2 sequestering. Cellular Gluton would have a non-motenized value.

Cellular sourced pasta is our example here for a value-added product. Seafood Bisques and stews that are bottled or canned made mostly from plant or cellular-based seafood/Milk and Pasta proteins is the goal.

Altenbach2019_Article_ExploitingTheReferenceGenomeSe (1)

We need a cellular produced Gluten product for grain-free flour. Altenbach Etal states that these are produced by a set of genes. Altenbach Et al states;

“Gluten proteins consist

of two types of proteins, the monomeric gliadins that confer

extensibility to wheat flour dough and the polymeric glutenins

that confer elasticity to wheat flour dough (Shewry et al. 2003,

for review)”

Genetics of Wheat Gluten Proteins

Next step is a Cellular based Butter and cream for our Pasta or Seafood Bisque. We think we have found a producer for this? Perfect Day Foods We would use cellular produced milk fats combined with seaweed as our cooking oil.


Shrimp Bisque made with New Wave Plant-based,  shrimp is a candidate for canning, would it hold up to the canning process?

New Wave Foods

Soon so many others will come online and our value-added soups could contain ingredients from many suppliers



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