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Solar Electric 1000 passenger Airship for cruising

June 24, 2019

The Airship would have an interior inflated cell of GH2 surrounded by Inflated cells of GH. We would need to do supercomputer studies of accidental leaks of hydrogen with the Helium to see if combustion risks are lowered. Also, the design would involve accidents with the outer Helium inflated cells only.

The outer inflated cells would be covered in solar electric cells and the Airship would have electric high bypass turbofans.

$1000 per day cruising cabin fees and a three day/night cruise over the Grand Canyon in over three days is the business model studied.1,000 passengers so  $3 Million per cruise.over the year you might realize $122 Million gross. Nighttime cruise would be astronomy and sky watching. As the R&D is paid down and the ship is costs are amortized we could offer some lower costs berths

We would do a NASA agreement to cover efforts in the solar-powered turbine engines.

Bizarre idea The wastewater out of port and the initial fresh water is a great deal of ballast at the end of each day you want the airship to be at altitude as the sun sets. We could design a biofuel-powered jet engine that creates thrust and injects into the hot section of the wastewater. water and biosolids would burn and vaporize to steam.




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