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Species recovery and recolonization of past habitats: lessons for science and conservation from sea otters in estuaries

The original post on Otter assisted migration is here

There is a new paper out on Otter assisted migration!


Species recovery and recolonization of past habitats: lessons for science and conservation from sea otters in estuaries


From reading this article is the fascinating conclusion that Otter is really native to bays and sloughs San Diego County does have some limited Sloughs such as Famosa Slough. This slough is in proximity to the Point Loma Kelp beds. Could Otters learn to travel between the two?

Now to our takeaways to the Paper by B Hughes Et al There is historical and archeological evidence that a midden of an ancient cast of kitchen waste off of Emeryville California.Lots of Otter Bones from hunted Otter. So this study group suggests the bay area was and can be again home to thousands of Sea Otter.

Emeryville and the Larkspur landing could be the sites of public transport Otter spotting tourism? Ditto Sausalito



Larkspur landing has a hot spot of seagrass and some salt marsh this could encourage Golden gate Ferry passenger loads to increase.

It appears from the paper that female sea otters rarely travel more them 15 kilometers from there territories so we would be best served by capturing female otters from Elkhorn Slough since they are acclimatized to that Biome then supplement those with recuperated otters from the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito. Those animals are certainly from only the Kelp environment and would need acclimation to the bay environment






My VA Physician is an unhappy Army vet I have a retention idea for him

He has 4 to 8 years in the army as a physician he may have more as a reservist in Medical school(?)

he saw things in surgery in Iraq that no one should see

So I wrote about my Niece who works at the Geological survey I suggested she could go on active duty as a Naval officer and get a free graduate degree at Montera as a graduate student in oceanograpy My VA physician could do the same

He would be on military leave from the VA for up to 5 years with pension credits and would end up in the Navy Oceanography command its unlikely he would ever see the horrors of the surgery in Iraq

We know this he would have a very nice reserve officer pension and a civil service pension

Oceanography and a medical officer to me always say, astronaut candidate!




Paper Alleys as Green Grant & Parks Alliance joint projects

Paper Alleys as Green Grant & Parks Alliance joint projects


Ingleside Pathway.jpg


There is a possibility that some green grant projects might allow a public space to accept rainwater runoff from private property. Paper Alleys are a prime example of this concept as they are adjacent to buildings.


We propose that idea here





Double Neptune Triton flyby missions to collect planetary interior data

We need higher fidelity Triton interior data!

could  a smallsat flyby Triton along with the prime mission collect more data if both spacecraft flyby triton together

This proposal needs a baby sister CubeSat to flyby Triton with it

3200 (2)

The Cubesat could have a magnetometer and a camera. Power the CubeSat with cold tech batteries developed for the Enceladus lander. Cubesat separates from Trident spacecraft before Neptune/Tritan encounter.

Challenge; transmitting this date back to the mothership(Trident) before the battery dies or CubeSat is out of range(UHF)

Well so the Cubsat flys alongside the Trident to stay in UHF range for 30 days(battery) after the encounter but far enough away to gather some variance in data from a second Triaxial magnetometer?






Automated self reentry of failed LEO communications comsats

What I learned at Chanute AFB at the aircraft electricians school

Aircraft antiskid brakes electrical systems

1985 was a while ago not sure if I recall this correctly


You can use an electrical current to keep a circuit broken. When a system loses the electrical curent the circuit closes and triggers an action.

So the Starlink comsat system has a Krypton SEP/Hall thruster system in the event power is lost or com/nav is lost the proposal here is to discharge the Starlink Kryton into an inflatable balut to hasten a reentry



Plant Protein & cellular agriculture, value-added canned soup product

In the next 60 years, we might see a collapse of the grain crops due to drought but more importantly introduced or evolved blights and disease. It might be useful to have a cellular source for all of the grain proteins that make up flours. Cellular Gluttons might free up Grian croplands to return to Priare and woodland soils for CO2 sequestering. Cellular Gluton would have a non-motenized value.

Cellular sourced pasta is our example here for a value-added product. Seafood Bisques and stews that are bottled or canned made mostly from plant or cellular-based seafood/Milk and Pasta proteins is the goal.

Altenbach2019_Article_ExploitingTheReferenceGenomeSe (1)

We need a cellular produced Gluten product for grain-free flour. Altenbach Etal states that these are produced by a set of genes. Altenbach Et al states;

“Gluten proteins consist

of two types of proteins, the monomeric gliadins that confer

extensibility to wheat flour dough and the polymeric glutenins

that confer elasticity to wheat flour dough (Shewry et al. 2003,

for review)”

Genetics of Wheat Gluten Proteins

Next step is a Cellular based Butter and cream for our Pasta or Seafood Bisque. We think we have found a producer for this? Perfect Day Foods We would use cellular produced milk fats combined with seaweed as our cooking oil.


Shrimp Bisque made with New Wave Plant-based,  shrimp is a candidate for canning, would it hold up to the canning process?

New Wave Foods

Soon so many others will come online and our value-added soups could contain ingredients from many suppliers


Landfill and Sewage gas fermentation to fish food proteins

Landfill gas emissions are usually about 50% CO2 and 50% CH4 so both these gases would lend themselves to both the @NovoNutrients and the @Feedkind.The folks at @feedkind are working on the bacterial transformation of CH4 to fish food proteins the folks at NovoNutrients would ferment a mix of CO2 and H2 the H2 would come at some costs.

The landfill CH4 could be combusted for power and that CO2 and H2O could be feed into the NovoNutreints process at the cost of producing the H2. It might make more sense to use both processes at the same site


The landfill is a good place to start this business model. This image is the waste management facility at Altamont pass. I have circled in 13 million square meters of proposed solar Voltaics for solar power.lets do a rough estimate this 13 million square meters should produce 2 Gigawatts.

13 million square feet solar

Altamont Pass landfill can produce almost 13 Million Gallons of Bio LNG that now powers electrical and powers 300 Garbage trucks. We would replace these over time with electric trucks in order to convert all of the LNG to Proteins.

The CO2 produced by the Altamont LNG power plant goes to this cycle.


Titan Dragonfly 2.0; A flying Titan lake lander

(A)(1) This concept proposes a near identical lander paid for by our international partners with a pontoon/outrigger landing systems. To avoid pitching over during landing there would be a third smaller pontoon foreword of the lander. (A)(2) This vehicle is manufactured at the APL facility. Is the south polar lakes in summer in 2032?

(A)(3)The purchaser/partner nations would pick their own science teams however there would be an exchange of visiting scientists between these two projects(A)(4) the partner nations may use their own launch vehicles.

Light Rail across the San Rafael Richmond bridge

It appears there are some who have proposed running SMART trains over the San Rafael Bridge Attachment B – Finalists from Transformative Projects

SMART to Richmond via New Richmond-San Rafael Bridge is the study.

William Manley

• _Joseph Naujokas

• _Christopher Sork

• _Sonoma County Transportation & Land Use Coalition

I would like to point out that the SMART trains are heavy diesel engine trains while BART is lighter smaller vehicles.BART vehicles might displace fewer car lanes.

Possibly BART would be impossibly expensive while SMART might be more cost-effective, we would want to do engineering studies with both. Both ideas involve surrendering the third lane and or bicycle lane. Unlike the Sonoma County land use coalition we do not propose a new bridge.

Possible solutions to the loss of the third lane and bicycle lane, Run the train under the roadway, Run a very long train each way single track on the upper and lower deck. Utilizing the existing bridge and not building a new one and using the lighter BART cars is my choice.

The third study option would be an Elon Musk electric transit cars combined with single car tunnel and over the bridge. At first, the single cars (Tesla) would not be owned by individuals. These vehicles would be produced in the Bay Area as they are currently




Duel Employer Multiple degreed pensioned service in science

Duel employer Multiple degrees pensioned service in science

Dear Eleanor

Say you are working full time at the geological survey(civil service pension)
You Join the Navy!
look for these science programs
Active duty Navy officer getting a masters degree! after 5 years go to the Navy reserve unit
you now have 5 years of pension credit in both the military and the civil service
you return to the geological survey from military leave but you want a Navy reserve position with the oceanography command so you can 20 years in the reserves(retirement)
You walk away with a free Masters degree
You would have time at sea under coast guard rules
this could open doors to you past the first ten years
also, you will have something with great value, you Eleanore Ann Rappolee would have something of great value
The post 9/11 Gi bill plus the reserves have something called “TA” tuition assistance, you cant use both at the same time but the post 9/11 gi bill is a free ride through any Ph.D. program
A Navy SWO talks about her career on youtube
In closing, I think there are civil service and military ladders that can lead to a diversity of experience
so many NASA  astronauts have military paid for grad degrees with leadership experience combined with a civilian career
so ask your grandfather he knows about his military civil service carrier and how he combined them both
Steven Rappolee
Terrestrial & Cislunar Exploration technologies at A post 9/11 Veteran owned concern
Address VA CBOC 401 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94107
Mobile 415 424 1455
Email Website


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Preview YouTube video Ocean Careers Profile #1: Navy Oceanography Officer Jen Landry

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