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The Proper Ethical pathway to VA CWT outcomes

In Michigan and California, I have had multiple licensed social workers who insist that CWT programs must lead to earned income in the private sector regardless of the effects this might have on the veteran who receives SSI, SSDI and has forgiven student loans. These social workers also defend the VA when it comes to not paying the state minimum wage as required by the CWT regulations.

CWT regulations

My civilian Psychologist recommends in a written letter to the VA’s caregivers to place me in CWT program and not any of the  SE programs as those are considered earned income and would result in my student loan being reinstated and would put my SSDI in jeopardy.

The SSDI program does have a ticket to work program that would best be used in a federal civil service setting since the veteran can buy into the civil service pension with their military time. The ticket to work can be used once every 5 years. SSDI does not count America Corps VISTA and  Senior Corps stipends as earned income.

America Corps Everyone_Can_Serve_BOOKLET_web

How do Americorps payments affect SSA disability benefits August 2011

Americorps may not be used to make workability decisions by the social security administration and time spent in Americorps is creditable service in the federal civil service!

America Corps Vista & peace Corps is civil service creditable service

Any licensed CWT social worker should know that earned income can cause problems with student loan forgiveness and in some cases SSDI and SSI, Americorps as creditable federal service towards pensions like bought in military time should be  the treatment program of choice for me as well as many others over the VA’s fetish with community-based earned income schemes.

My UM-Flint plan is what should be used

University of Michigan student government as AmeriCorps Vista-final -2

In 2016 VA HUD/Vash social workers referred me to the Ann Arbor CWT program who insisted that I and all other participants attend AA meetings, AA meetings were also a requirement that Vets had to do to be in any shelter plus care or transitional housing. According to the army and the VA and the Michigan Disability commission, I do not have a diagnosis for drug or alcoholism so this would immediately flag any licensed social worker as to the effigy or veracity of forcing patients into a religiously based program.

The state of Michigan has a law forbidding practitioners from involuntary forcing patients into outpatient programs without a court order and one would think the state of Michigan social worker licensing boards would not look kindly if a social worker did just that.

EDIT 14 July 2018

Email to the San Francisco CWT and the occupational therapist

CWT therapeutic entrepreneurship partnership

Steven Rappolee <>

7:15 PM (13 minutes ago)

to Marksherry.craneLauraDon
Dear Mr. Smith and Ms. Crane
Mr. Smith could you share this email with the other coworkers. I would be grateful if you and your coworkers look at some of my blog posts with past and future ideas
                                           CWT therapeutic entrepreneurship partnership
On my blog and back when I was in the honors program at the community college I wrote about veteran home ownership and home-based entrepreneurship, at the University of Michigan I was on the wait list with Habitat for humanity for a live/work home using my Hud/Vash voucher. The university’s business school would mentor the habitat homeowner in some business
My idea then was to obtain land from the Genesee county landbank do to half of Flint Michigan being vacant lots, My idea back then would have to cultivate the vacant lots adjacent to my home
I consider gardening and keeping bees and just being an all-around foodie very therapeutic
I propose to be a CWT patient on the VA campus to research with your department the idea that therapeutic exercises can also be self-employment. We have spoken about the VA land on the service road past the community garden as a location of honeybee hives
Three years of IRS tax returns with a Farmer schedule of income or loss qualifies you in the eyes of the USDA for farm loans. The other experiment I did in Flint was this
The bay area has a problem with invasive green crabs and we might catch a bunch while on our trip in September right? I intend to keep mine. Look down at the bottom of the blog entry and you will see my homemade fish sauce!
This another version of the idea, I had lots of fun on University carrier fair days because the Peace Corps recruiter would come around
So the idea for last year and this year is that along the access road we vets would have these Korean Omagi pots sitting in the sun with very salty macerated green crabs and other fish guts that we collect on our outings. We need to be affiliated with a nonprofit Commercial Kitchen incubator to make this work because the cottage food law does not apply here. My CWT job would be to organize this and add the Nonprofit kitchen incubator to our partnership. This partner could become a CWT contractor 🙂
Some vets could become owners of USDA coops  This would be a logical outcome to the CWT process for a number of vets together. My HUD/Vash social worker in Michigan got a Vet into a USDA rural home loan and many of the ideas you see here are a part of my HUD/Vash treatment plan
And That treatment plan makes no sense at all if we cant get the rest of the VA system onboard IE this is my CWT treatment plan to.
The USDA also has a disabled farmers program after all Beehives and Onngi pots are very heavy!
Aditional partners might be housing providers? rooftop gardens could host beehives and Onngi pots. I bought some honey from the Haight Ashbury organic store called “civic center honey” I wonder if those bees drink any pee or poop? the same producer has honey branded from other San Francisco neighborhoods and there are local producers from all over the Bay Area with local neighborhood honey
Finally, I have developed plans to transition vets into a federal volunteer opportunity that later leads to a pension and health benefits I called it troops to Peace Corps The Peace Corp recruiter loved my power point it makes so much sense
CWT to Americorps to Civil service
I have 4 years military bought into the pension plan plus about 9 months of federal employment Americorp is unearned income so a veteran would not be at risk for losing Medicaid/SSI/SSDI food stamps  housing voucher
The CWT worker I spoke to the other day did not think these things where important but they are very important! ask any elder care attorney. Federal employment I would do under a ticket to work under the SSDI program but for federal volunteer service to be credited it would be done first
Somewhere I have the email for the VA fishing representative the folks at golden gate park could be a partner too.
I tell SF311 to plant Cork trees in the tenderloin for a future USDA Coop to harvest Cork mm
Anyways thanks for your time I would like to meet with everyone in the Staff Occupational Therapist department as to the new therapies I am suggesting and as to who must give permissions as to land use on the service road? I think this is simply an extension of the community garden with a partnership.If I can be a manager of cobbling this program together with commercial kitchen incubators and other service providers then this would go on my CWT resume!
                                      CWT therapeutic entrepreneurship partnership with Staff Occupational Therapist
Steven Rappolee
Terrestrial & Cislunar Exploration technologies at A post 9/11 Veteran owned concern
Address VA CBOC 401 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94107
Mobile 415 424 1455
Email Website






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