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Shenzhou atmosphere probe

January 10, 2014

Shenzhou atmosphere probe

Mass Kg 7,840

Length 9.25 Meters

Diameter 2.80 Meters

Span 17.00 Meters

** second capsule Kg 3,240

** Length 2.9 Meters of second Shenzhou reentry capsule docked to the first one.

Total length and weight of this flight system is  12.15 Meters and 11,080 Kg.

We can’t but help to wonder what the “crush depth” of a Shenzhou reentry capsule is?  Shenzhou most closely resembles Venera flight systems. A Shenzhou derived Venus mission is the second  lightest of the sytems compared, both that would influence the 23 Meter aerodynamic decelerator.The second Shenzhou reentry vehicle is a depressurized balloon probe  deployer.  Any deep space Shenzhou would inform any future crewed vehicle with deep space updated avionics, a must for any Shenzhou Lunar program!


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