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Rappolee flowers 2.0 payload fairing solar voltaic for wetlabs (Falcon second stage)

March 9, 2022

Am writing a new blog entry on how to reuse Falcon 9 second stage with payload fairing solar voltaic cells and a docking hatch. (A)(1) fly payload fairing on a Starlink mission, test longevity of the system(2) upgrade as needed on subsequent flights.

(3)Test payload fairing solar power to Falcon second stage battery upgrade battery and second stage avionics (use Dragon components)How long on orbit? loft Starlinks(fairings represent a payload penalty) (4) subsequent missions have a docking mechanism and carry cryogenic O2 and N2 to outgas the propellant tanks.(5) fly a commercial mission and then after payload deployment has a second launch of a Dragon to fly a standoff mission with the Second stage, possible docking attempt.

(A)(6) very large payload fairing on a super heavy without a payload with docking mechanism and solar arrays inside the deployed fairing, this is a retired super heavy to be reused as a wet lab space station.(7) Possssibly EVA to recover all the engines? board recovered super heavy engines onto Starship.

Steve Jurvetson from Menlo Park, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

(A)(8) Retired Falcon first stage with a docking port and fairing without a second stage or payload, can it make orbit at 29.

Back up an idea, the second stage on a Starlink mission but jettison the fairings and add Dragon solar arrays and docking mechanisms to the second stage compare mass between the two.

Idea; Can the Falcon orbit a empty second stage? ( I think it cant)


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