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Soyuz commercial Venus atmosphere probe

January 10, 2014
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Soyuz TMA-M

Mass Kg   7 150

Length 7.48 Meters

Diameter 2 .72   Meters

**Second capsule Kg 2,950   docked to the first one

Mass of 23 Meter aerodynamic decelerator  unknown

** Length Soyuz commercial Venus atmosphere probe 2.24 Meters

total length of two capsule  flight system   9.72 Meters and 10,100 Kg

We can’t but help to wonder what the “crush depth” of a Soyuz reentry capsule is? Soyuz most closely resembles Venera flight systems. A Soyuz derived Venus mission is the lightest and the  one with  lest length, both that would influence the 23 Meter aerodynamic decelerator.The second Soyuz reentry vehicle is a depressurized balloon probe  deployer. Possibly the Energia Corporation should consider “Soyuz Phobos” Any deep space Soyuz would inform any future crewed vehicle with deep space updated avionics.

an international version of this mission would be SpaceX Dragon docked to a Soyuz reentry capsule that would serve as an unmanned Venus entry vehicle, this combination would result in a mass of 13,150 Kg plus the unknown weight of a 23 Meter deployable or inflatable aerodynamic decelerator.

The Soyuz reentry capsule would perform an EDL some days after aerobraking and the Dragon/trunk would  perform science from orbit.

(EDIT) at what point could Dragon or Soyuz reentry capsule “flout” in a planetary atmosphere? we could ask Jon Goff,

This article is part of planned series comparing existing human crewed flight systems re purposed as uncrewed planetary probes.

(1) are you a fan of the very large SLS? well this post is for you! SLS has been proposed for very large (expensive) space telescope deployments,so a dual capsule Orion as an unmanned planetary probe is for you(30,000 Kg).

(2) SpaceX and Dream Chaser docked together as planetary probes?

(3) Dual capsule SpaceX Dragon (green Dragon), a Dragon to far?

(4) Shenzhou , A Dragon from across the Pacific………..


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