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Dragon atmosphere explorer; a comparison

January 10, 2014

Dragon atmosphere explorer; a comparison

Mass Kg 10,200

Length 6.1 Meters

Diameter 3.7 Meters

* second capsule Mass Kg 7,200  ,docked to first Dragon

 Length  of second Dragon capsule   2.50 Meters

Total length 10 meters, Total Mass 17,400 Kg

This would be the American entry and the most interesting from a cost engineering point view, The science instruments procured in a traditional government method to fill the geometry of two Dragon capsules would be in the Billions of dollars.Perhaps the best bet would  be to mass produce several types of probes such as balloon probes and to host  individual paid hosted payloads.

The Dragon would deploy instruments and  would never be pressurized meeting its end as the “Kamikaze Yellow Dragon” Thoughts of a buoyant Dragon that can flout are of interest as mission trade.

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