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Bioremediation of Faecal Sludge with Black Soldier Fly larvae

February 20, 2020

In 2017, 63,000 tons of biosolids were produced at SFPUC sites divide by 365 days = 173 tons per day


255,500 tons annually, or 650 tons per day of compostable material (50 percent food scraps, 50 percent yard trimmings), converted into about 350 tons of finished compost per day in San Francisco

Research shows that Black Soldier flys do not like processed shit IE the Methogenic organisms use to produce Methane for fuel has harvested the nutrients. So the best system might be to add the city’s 325 tons of food waste with the 173 tons of fecal sludge. Studies show that Black Soldier reduce the mass to 20% So 325 tons +  173 Tons = 498 tons reduced by 80% = 100 tons

This operation should produce about 5 tons of Black Solder Fly Larve per day

We suggest then letting this 100 tons per day sit for a year mixed back in with the remaining daily 350 tons of yard waste and perform a composting with heat followed by a vermiculture operation

The heat and vermiculture goals are to further reduce the Pharmaceuticals and other chemicals present in Fecal Sludge. It’s unlikely that Vermiculture will reduce this 450 tons by much and this is your final product that might be of use.



Pharmaceuticals and biotoxins are metabolized by Black soldier fly larva

Heavy metals bioaccumulate in Black Soldier fly Larva

Perhaps you could incinerate these and mine the ash?

Interesting less CO2 is emitted by Black Soldier Fly Larva then composting



The protocol

(A)(1)Mix processed Fecal Sludge with kitchen wastes as this the most optimal Black Solder Fly mix. Mass reduced by 20 to 30% through Fly metabolism

(A)(2) Mix the resulting mix with yard compost and use compost heat  to destroy Pharmaceuticals

(A)(3) use this product to do a slow Vermicuture operation.  `





This would not make heavy metals safe and there’s bound to be chemicals resilient to the fly and earthworm digestive system perhaps the fly larvae and earthworms are gasification/pyrolysis














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