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Proposed San Francisco Fire Department Mobile Public Health Service ( Defunded Police slots)

June 28, 2020

We propose defunding over 5 years of over 700 civil service police positions and transferring them over to the Fire Department. The new unit would be a Mobile Public Health Service. In most cases, the Public health service would be deployed on newly purchased MUNI vehicles on established routes on the second and third shifts. Mobile public health officers would be eligible for full retirement after 20 years.

Staffing of the Mobile units would be with EMT’s Nurses Social workers and some Dr’s

The EMT will have the same payroll as the entry-level San Francisco Police officer everyone else will make more. The way to the promotion will be lateral and supervisory

EMT to Supervisor


LVN/RN to supervisor

EMT/LVN to Social worker

Social worker supervisor

In exchange for making over $100,000 a year for entry-level, all the members of the Mobile Public health unit must live in the city. Of the 1,800 police force, I understand 400 to 500 go vacant every year so we must defund 500 more. Defunding is eliminating slots as well as defunding 30 to 40% of the SFPD budget,

The Fire Department Mobile Public Health unit

       We will purchase new MUNI vehicles designed to run on existing routes. However, MUNI can reroute buses so we could set up a Medical bus that has routes thought he most needed communities. The 27 and the 31, for example, run through such community.

The project would purchase from MUNI or buy a new train to serve as a public health unit on the  #3T Light Rail line this runs through the neediest community and would be a fully outfitted ER and clinic.






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