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We are citizens for expanding the University of California system

January 4, 2019

I wrote the powerpoint below some time ago, I think the idea of doing another round of voter-approved regenerative medicine bonds could fund the establishment of 3 or 4 graduate only UC
Campuses and their buildings that would surround the regenerative medicine campus owned by the new UC campuses would be amortized by federal research grants

I believe that in my old powerpoint I was advocating that these new medical research UC campuses would have medical schools. These should be free of tuition for those students who agree to practice in California under a number of conditions IE you must take Medi-Cal and Medicare patients.

Idea! A new round of Institute of Regenerative Medicine bonds could be repaid with UC  federal NIH research funding IE UC would own those buildings.

Over the following decades, Undergraduate programs would follow and expand these campuses



we are citizens for expanding the university of

New ideas post my original powerpoint, I believe strongly in a voter-approved geographical new UC campus siting plan

UCE University of California at Eureka a geographically remote area in need of economic development. Has that inspirational land and sea that humans love.

UCM UC Merced accelerate the planned school of medicine with a graduate school for research

Future blog article;   The BC Canada system of on and off system of academic and employment system my version of economic equality. The idea local community college admits certified nursing assistants these graduates have guaranteed admittance to the two-year nursing program. While in this program the UC partner employs them as work study or interns but only as fully pension health care employees. We are proposing a coop education/employee system. All of these student/ employees are guaranteed transfer to the UC Nursing to the UC nursing student is a coop student.


semester 1 CNA student

Semester 2 paid work-study/coop at the nearby UC hospital

Semester 3 CNA/two-year nursing transition

semester 4 paid coop semester as a UC hospital  employee

semester 5 two years nursing student 1 and a half semester  of CNA

Semesters 6 UC hospital employee as a nursing student

semester 7 second/third semester as a two-year Nursing student transfer to or in a 4-year degree program

semester 8 UC employment at UC hospital as a Nursing intern

Semester 9 4th year Nursing semester have the right to transfer to Medical school or another grad program


Alternative California coop programs,

The California guard SMP program  and military ROTC  will offer  those who decline a 4-year scholarship but finish the degree a tuition-free






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