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E Sled as Planetary polar rover

January 5, 2019

E sled as Mars polar rover

We propose a Tesla motor derived E Sled as a Mars Polar Lander. SpaceX might be the customer that resales the Data collected to a NASA anchor tenant. A Tesla motor would make for a large rover but most likely will need an RTG/Sterling and battery.

This system might be made to have buoyancy for Titan?  (Titan tours Duck E Sled 🙂 ) This would need some thoughts on characterizing the cryogenic Titan dunes to inform us as to interactions with the E Sled tractor system


This system might work on Lunar or Mercury Polar craters?

This system would need to be modified for rougher surfaces and cryogenic conditions

We need trades with a kilo power or decadel survey small fission reactor and the proposed RTG/Sterling battery idea. Any of the three systems above if flown represents a breakthrough for all other future missions

An E Sled sidecar could carry INsight type geology instruments to be dropped off and retrieved and redeployed


Proposed R & D partners


The above is my post 9/11 veteran owned concern




Aurora Powertrains /Finland/ESA











Next Post; The Poles of Mars as a fuel depot &  point to point fuel transfer! What are the maths for this idea?

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