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California native tree Bonsai for Tenderloin Sidewalk garden

October 23, 2018

Our Theory is that native tree Bonsai would not require a Public works tree permit and would only require a permit for the native plant garden. The Bonsai project would be a part of a low-income housing employment and training program

Project Locations


Hotel sustainability committee

Pennsylvania street garden presentation

Pollinator project presentation

Street Parks Workshop
Hosted by Parks Alliance & Public Works

Street Parks Workshop Hosted by Parks Alliance & Public Works

We propose to do this

Land Life Company



The San Francisco Hotel and Tenderloin resident honey bee collaborative

Final version



Proposed Partners




Mr. Shaw THC


DISH property’s


Community housing partnership


Mr. Rappolee Tree evangelist


Pollinator Partnership


Urban bee San Francisco


North Coast native nursery


Sustainability Committee of the hotel Council


Clift Bee Sanctuary and Cocktail Herb Garden




W hotel rooftop bees




Many property owners here in the tenderloin hate trees because they perceive them to be attractors of human waste, however, the large Nonprofit landlords employ an army of patience staff., You can see them every day hosing down the sidewalks, this is where you want to be a tree.

It is in the interests of the Hotel Sustainability council rooftop bee project to make the Tenderloin bloom, so I intend to try and enlist them to help us.

We need to build coalitions to convince Friends of the Urban Forest to do business here in the challenging environment of the Tenderloin. We need to build coalitions


The hotels should welcome not only trees but TNDC buildings all having sidewalk gardens because here we can make California native flowers common and within flying distance of the rooftop bees. (TNDC has agreed to sponsor trees)

Friends of the urban forest and the city economic development and job training folks all run summer youth job programs


Street Parks <>



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