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Synergies between Mars rover 2020 and BFR landing site selections

October 18, 2018

There would be a commercial market opportunity to have BFR as the contracted Mars sample return vehicle! This would be a contribution to BFR R&D much like Xprizes are.

Mars 2020 plans call for the Mars 2020 rover to deposit the cached samples at two locations.BFR could land near one of them leaving the other cache for another mission.

Mars 2020 Mars rover should keep an eye out for evidence of subsurface ice for BFR ISRU. Alternatively, BFR could forego cargo for propellant from the earth and bring the samples to a Mars-orbiting spacecraft provided By NASA.

BFR as MAV! bring 50 tons of water ice from earth, ISRU with Mars CO2 at a Mars 2020 rover cache site. Bring sample cache to Mars orbit. Alternative option BFR lands in the Midway site and with its own rover journeys to the Mars 2020 rovers cached sample and retrieves it


BFR imaged from Mars 2020 rover while landing from a distance would provide engineering data of the landing and a social media storm


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