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Relocate American and Japanese Military assets from Okinawa to a city at sea to reduce local tensions

May 21, 2017

Relocate American and Japanese Military  assets from Okinawa to a city at sea to reduce local tensions


(A) (1)relocate American and Japanese military assets from Okinawa to reduce tensions there among the two nations citizens by building a city at sea that has these military assets as an economic anchor tenant.(A)(2) This requires a military and commercial airport and seaport at sea that creates an economic base for the city and its inhabitants.(A)(3) This city at sea would be built by both nations and the citizens of the city at sea would be from both nations.(A)(4)Property taxes would pay down a minority portion of the cost to build for the civilian portion and the military assets by America. and Japan. (A)(5) Military Sealift Command ships could resupply the military assets.

(B)(1) American and Japanese oceanographic research ships could be ported at the city at sea furthering the economic base and adding to the cities expertise. civil servants who work as ocean researchers would be encouraged to be a city at sea homeowners.

(B)(2) American aircraft carrier reactors and life support equipment could power the American military assets based at the city at sea.

(B)(3)This city at sea would have both American and Japanese addresses with postal codes, it would be a home of record for the military, civil service, contractors for the purpose of being a home of record and to calculate cost of living and housing allowances.These allowances are used for mortgages.



Cities at sea-1

Cities at sea-2

cities at sea-3

Cities at sea-4

Cities at sea-5

Cities at sea-6

Cities at sea-7   (C)(1)This link has a model not likely to be used in this proposal in that this proposal is not a Libertarian Nirvana.This proposal envisions American and Japanese military commanders and personnel and a civilian elected city government.(C)(2)Perhaps a portion of the city at sea could be a special economic zone with different laws and nationalities from many other countries.I am not interested in Libertarians who inadvertently encourage labor and human rights exploitation.(C)(3)Non-American Japanese residence should be allowed to vote in local government elections.(C)(4) I would see the civil government owning the cities hull and common spaces along with condominium associations but much of the business would be well served by ESOP’s or employee ownership as an important part of the community.(C)(5)



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