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DEROC ; Distributed Evolved Recovery Of “Jettisoned” Components

May 11, 2017

DEROM ; Distributed Evolved Recovery Of Jettisoned Matter. (DEROC ) components might be a better choice.

How would it work? not sure but here is a guess( see Rappolee Flower post) Payload adapter and payload shroud/fairing would be brought to LEO.Payload fairing would deploy around payload but would not jettison from payload adapter (Rappolee flowers Post ).Payload separates.Rappolee flowers deploy photovoltaic on the inside of the fairing.A mesh deploys around the fairing halves that has more photovoltaic cells and acts as an antenna.The mesh is designed to deploy with the fairing halves to create a circular object.

We need to dock and store these somewhere for later use or use them as is somehow(power)the underside of the former payload adapter could have a grapple fixture or a docking mechanism with the power connector for other docked power users.

We are selling power and communications to some communications provider perhaps?

EDIT; “Highly evolved secondary fairing payload” “HESFP”

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