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Serially produced ice giant planetary probes and components

March 8, 2017

Serially produced ice giant planetary probes and components

(A)(1) conduct a unfunded RFP to ascertain cost engineering for flight spares beyond a two spacecraft buy for ice giant missions.flight spares are to be construed as spacecraft Bus and a docked ARRM derived SEP stage.

(A)(2) compete ARRM derived SEP for Mars MRO follow on and 4 more serially produced SEP for outer solar system missions.These are all government provided equipment to the AO not counted towards mission caps.(3) two providers build flight units for competition into the future.(A)(3) serially produce those items most sensitive to price drops due to serially production and a single contracted purchase,perhaps propellant tanks and the spacecraft bus structure itself would lend themselves to this.(A)(4) funding under a grand unified AO would purchase these lead items for a third and  fourth Ice Giant spacecraft;These spacecraft would likely become under sub competed AO’s to SBAG and ROW targets. This together with the serially produced COPAP atmospheric probes should answer 80 to 90 or better of minimum scientific goals as set by OPAG and SBAG communities.(A)(5) This purchasing formula together with a grand unified AO with follow on sub competed AO’s should also allow for follow-on missions back to Saturn and the Ice Giants with updated avionics and flight computers and science instruments.The 3rd and 4th Ice Giant spacecraft would observe a different set of SBAG/ROW targets and KBO targets after and during the prime missions.

COPAP; Common outer planet atmosphere probe are serially produced, build 5 for Jupiter, Saturn, Titan, Uranus, decadal survey order of preference is  Saturn, Uranus Neptune.

CACNCUR, Cryogenic ACES Neon cooled university ride share IR telescopes

PBOFTS, ?  I wrote this term at OPAG Feb 2017 but can not recall the meaning perhaps “Previously bought off the shelf”


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