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ULA ACES ICE & Telsa Powerwall as part of a luanchpad cogeneration of flare gas

March 25, 2017

ULA ACAS ICE & Telsa Powerwall as part of a launchpad cogeneration of flare gas

(A)(1) Launch site flare gas is now lost to the ATM, without energy recovery. ULA and Telsa technologies could burn these flare gasses to produce electricity and store it for sell at peak power demand and prices.(A)(2) mass produced ULA ICE engines and Tesla powerwalls for this terrestrial application spreads the costs over many units.ULA and SpaceX could agree to use these two products across all launch sites they  control with an agreement.This Tesla ULA combination can also coogenerate power at SLS and other launch sites.

(A)(C) with out storage or little storage of GH2 and GO2 at the flare sites . many ULA ICE engines would need to be produced

(A)(D) or how many safe gases storage units would need to be made, trades?

(A) E) these ideas make since if the florida and california luanch rates increase. this increases launch site boil off of flare gas, it make since at spaceX Texas site to .


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