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ACES/Xues augmented with a Cryogenic Neon expansion battery and power generator

December 14, 2016

ACES augmented with a Cryogenic Neon expansion battery and power generator

Cryogenic Neon expansion ratio generates eletrical power for a permenant shadow South Ackinson mission after ACES/Zues LH2 depletion

The ULA proposed ACES upper stage hopes to utilized autogenesis pressurization of propellant and oxidizer tanks thus replacing the helium pressurizer system and its mass and to use GH2 and GO2 from the spent tanks in an internal combustion engine to produce electrical power and to run a IVF rocket engine. We have proposed the GNe could pressurize the tanks however trades might indicate not to do this and instead utilize cryogenic Neon to generate electrical power after the GH2 and GO2 have been exhausted. The absence of LH2 and LO2 boil off has terminated cooling to our battery and the expanding gas would provide some power for a time. How long a time? How much pressure is left in gasses Neon? Enough to create thrust? To accomplish the mission of Neon cold gas thrusters you would want to save the mass of a dedicated Gasses neon tank so this trade brings up back to the idea of Oxidizer tank presserent. How much cryogenic neon would expend out to bring us to 50 PSI in the O2 tank? Is 50 PSI enough to create thrust that’s worthwhile in regards to the thruster mass penalty?

In the case of the ULA Xues Lunar Lander proposal the Cryogenic Neon expansion battery electricity generator could power for a time an Atkinson Basin permanent shadow lander as a probe. With a suitable sunshade ULA Xues could explore Mercury permanent shadow science targets extending battery and IVF systems





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