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Poor human’s refinement for a in space liquefication fractionation unit

December 14, 2016

Poor human’s refinement for a in space liquefication fractionation unit
The Neon “battery” or cryogenic SEP/Presserant tank is inside the LH2 tank, we stole this idea from Elon Musk and ULA; After LH2/LCH4 depletion the cryogenic Neon expansion ratio produces electricity the Gas pressurizes chemical/oxidizer tank. GH2 or GCH4 and Go2 mixed with GNe burn in the IVF internal combustion engine to produce H2O and GNe.GNe is shunted to the SEP engine after the H2O freezes out in the spent Oxidizer tank.

ULA IVF system and the ISS Hamilton standard common use for produced Methane
ULA could sell  to ISS/Habitat orbit maneuver with a Space liner two engine Centaur equipped with IVF and Neon.GO2 and GH2 could be mixed with GCH4 in the IVF internal combustion engine to produce power I asked Torrey Bruno if the engine could burn a mix? And what of the IVF rocket engine? After all the GH2 would be exhausted at some point and the ISS would only provide methane
This could be paid for with an NASA agreement ULA poneys up the R & D and Nasa under a commercial reboost contract pays down the R & D and costs(60/40 % costs)

“shit in the desert” 1 million Martian colonists and 1 million compost toilets
At the IAC in Guadalajara a question was asked in regards to ECLSS and human fecal matter or bio solids on mars. Civil engineering of large water rich bio solid treatment plants are major costs to human community’s and use a great deal of energy. The question to Elon Musk did have to do with water and waste processing in the desert and the answer I think is dry compost toilets. We could fly one to mars with a Red Dragon with frozen bio solids and a soil and earthworm culture. On Mars feed the frozen bio solids mixed with saw dust and toilet paper over time to the earthworms. This experiment would need a freezer and some sort of mechanism to feed samples daily to the vermiculture




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