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Asteroid Redirect Mission and OSIRIS-REx joint operations proposal

June 20, 2014

(A)   OSIRIS-REx provides imaging, ranging and possibly science data to the incoming, on operations, and close range and approximation and asteroid contact for the asteroid retrieval mission(ARM).

(B) ARM grapples and returns OSIRIS-REx to High lunar retrograde orbit for astronaut refurbishment.makes the least sense OSIRIS-REx is designed to do sample return on its own.

(C) ARM drops OSIRIS-REx into another orbit for a second target. makes the most sense since the ARM is retrieving the entire asteroid, assisting OSIRIS-REx to do a sample return from another body diversify the samples returned.

(D) ARM refuel OSIRIS-REx and leaves in place.perhaps, this would be a mission extension that makes sense only at the secondary target for OSIRIS-REx!

These ideas require that ARM have a small arm to grapple the OSIRIS-REx and OSIRIS-REx needs a safe grapple point

would either space craft interfere in the others communications?

would either spacecraft place the other in shadow?

These things would inform us to the grapple arms design!  (power,fuel transfer and grapple attach points)The OSIRIS-REx asteroid is an official ARM candidate , it makes little sense to visit the same asteroid where it not for A and C above.



the grapple arm could be a commercial ARM ride share?

curing concrete with urine in space is only an emergency procedure as it does not pass the “smell test”



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