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SpaceX Grasshopper Tourism business model with wing suit parachutists

June 23, 2014

Con Ops,

develop a un pressurized open air platform with seats and a launch abort escape system using Draco engines.



fit seats into the circumference of the Grasshopper launcher(15 seats?)


launch to 10,000 feet


Wing suit parachutists take their dive from a rocket!




the parachutists who uses their wing suit to fly the furthest from the grass hopper GPS signal wins a free flight or a reduced flight ticket or a reduce flight ticket to the future

airline points!


the more you fly the cheaper your ticket


bulk buys tickets to individuals and resellers


after proving the concept add in flights above 14,500 feet with a pressure suit that has wing suit features.Would wing suits have provided the red bull jump better stability?

We should model wing suit flight above the range of skydiving aircraft or even commercial jet aircraft but below the red bull jump since the red bull jump proved that there are aerodynamic risks from a jump from that altitude.The FAA will want to see these models.

SpaceX has already expended capital with the grasshopper and will have spent capital to expand the flight envelope of grasshopper in its launch vehicle reuse program,all of this can be put to use in this grasshopper tourism business model

the expense here is developing a platform on top of grasshopper with draco escape capability,I think this a minimal requirement.

pricing of tickets?

you want to recover the cost of the jump platform

you might over time recover some of the grasshopper costs of R&D that went to the launch reuse program




Edit 28 June 2014 ; Added space shuttle emergency egress poles to assist wing suit base jumpers to avoid grasshopper rocket exhaust plumes in response to criticism from ” HugDoug” comments on NASA watch ,

see images below,




SpaceX Grasshopper wing suit tourism model

SpaceX Grasshopper wing suit tourism model

SpaceX Grasshopper wing suit tourism model




SpaceX Grasshopper wing suit tourism model

SpaceX Grasshopper wing suit tourism model



















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