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why launch from Puerto Rico?

June 7, 2014

(1)(A) its a American self governing territory with a democratically elected government.

(1)(B) its closer to the Equator that’s gives a larger payload to orbit

(1)(C) to the East and South of Puerto Rico there are islands that could host a first stage landing site for a reusable launch system; they are, (D) Virgin Islands(E), Anguilla(UK), Antigua and Barbuda, St Kitts and Nevis, Guadeloupe(France), Martinique (France)Dominica.

(2)(A) the existing con ops for SpaceX is to use 30% of the first stage fuel to return the stage to its launching point with a payload penalty,our con ops uses an inflatable hyper sonic decelerator to slow the first stage to a landing down range on one of the islands and to lower the 30% fuel penalty to the payload, EDIT; “that other wise would have gone to landing the stage propulsively back at the launch site”

So our idea lends back to payload some of the 30% fuel penalty and provides an extra payload margin do to the 20 degree latitude.

  EDIT  29 July 2014 ; It Important to note this idea also works out of Vandenburg AFB by using the one of Channel islands as a landing site instead of a propulsive landing back at Vandenburg as is is being reported in the press this week.Indeed the idea works with out a inflatable hypersonic decelerator.   https://www.


I wonder? how much fuel would be required to get the first stage to orbit? or could a Falcon heavy get its core stage to orbit with no payload? This becomes a in space vehicle.

Edit 15 July 2014

Paper from last year,


SpaceX Falcon heavy core stage placed into orbit idea as an in space stage! and being discussed here at NASASPCEFLIGHT,





  1. Thanks for the links on discussions on how to get a SpaceX stage back to solid surface landing.

    Bob Clark


  2. Thanks Mr Clark,

    I notice this idea has been adopted by SpaceX this week for Vandenburg

    at bottom of page channel island rumor


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