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Permeable concrete SFMTA bus pads and Permeable stormwater basins

Permeable concrete SFMTA bus pads and Permeable stormwater basins


The idea is that SFMTA in places permeable concrete bus pads and permeable concrete square pads in front of all storm drains

This simple idea may be much cheaper than any other method of recharging groundwater

let’s take the corner of Eddy and Taylor as an example this bus stop is SFMTA # 14493. We in place a 30 square meter permeable concrete bus pad here replacing the street asphalt. It might be 10 meters by 3 meters.

This would collect 442 gallons of rainwater per year but this is not true it would collect most of the rain from the gutter that drains the surrounding sidewalks and streets!

So the street and sidewalks from the corner of Eddy and Taylor down to Eddy and Mason is 13 meters by 150 meters This is 30,000 gallons a year






East African Rift Valley Authority EARVA

I have a plan 🙂

floating solar power plants to save several cubic miles of water from evaporation

Note: GERD will also evaporate to much water so we need to shade the GERD lake 🙂


The authority will not own any of the dams instead it owns the solar power plant and any water it saves from evaperation

3.3 Kilometers


 0.24 GW/km


So our 4 Sudanese powerplants are 3.3 Kilometers each at so 3.3km2 X 4 =13.2km2

Yet from

The answer is 1,164 GW hour per year for 13km2



Proposed San Francisco Fire Department Mobile Public Health Service ( Defunded Police slots)

We propose defunding over 5 years of over 700 civil service police positions and transferring them over to the Fire Department. The new unit would be a Mobile Public Health Service. In most cases, the Public health service would be deployed on newly purchased MUNI vehicles on established routes on the second and third shifts. Mobile public health officers would be eligible for full retirement after 20 years.

Staffing of the Mobile units would be with EMT’s Nurses Social workers and some Dr’s

The EMT will have the same payroll as the entry-level San Francisco Police officer everyone else will make more. The way to the promotion will be lateral and supervisory

EMT to Supervisor


LVN/RN to supervisor

EMT/LVN to Social worker

Social worker supervisor

In exchange for making over $100,000 a year for entry-level, all the members of the Mobile Public health unit must live in the city. Of the 1,800 police force, I understand 400 to 500 go vacant every year so we must defund 500 more. Defunding is eliminating slots as well as defunding 30 to 40% of the SFPD budget,

The Fire Department Mobile Public Health unit

       We will purchase new MUNI vehicles designed to run on existing routes. However, MUNI can reroute buses so we could set up a Medical bus that has routes thought he most needed communities. The 27 and the 31, for example, run through such community.

The project would purchase from MUNI or buy a new train to serve as a public health unit on the  #3T Light Rail line this runs through the neediest community and would be a fully outfitted ER and clinic.





Bioremediation of Faecal Sludge with Black Soldier Fly larvae

In 2017, 63,000 tons of biosolids were produced at SFPUC sites divide by 365 days = 173 tons per day


255,500 tons annually, or 650 tons per day of compostable material (50 percent food scraps, 50 percent yard trimmings), converted into about 350 tons of finished compost per day in San Francisco

Research shows that Black Soldier flys do not like processed shit IE the Methogenic organisms use to produce Methane for fuel has harvested the nutrients. So the best system might be to add the city’s 325 tons of food waste with the 173 tons of fecal sludge. Studies show that Black Soldier reduce the mass to 20% So 325 tons +  173 Tons = 498 tons reduced by 80% = 100 tons

This operation should produce about 5 tons of Black Solder Fly Larve per day

We suggest then letting this 100 tons per day sit for a year mixed back in with the remaining daily 350 tons of yard waste and perform a composting with heat followed by a vermiculture operation

The heat and vermiculture goals are to further reduce the Pharmaceuticals and other chemicals present in Fecal Sludge. It’s unlikely that Vermiculture will reduce this 450 tons by much and this is your final product that might be of use.



Pharmaceuticals and biotoxins are metabolized by Black soldier fly larva

Heavy metals bioaccumulate in Black Soldier fly Larva

Perhaps you could incinerate these and mine the ash?

Interesting less CO2 is emitted by Black Soldier Fly Larva then composting



The protocol

(A)(1)Mix processed Fecal Sludge with kitchen wastes as this the most optimal Black Solder Fly mix. Mass reduced by 20 to 30% through Fly metabolism

(A)(2) Mix the resulting mix with yard compost and use compost heat  to destroy Pharmaceuticals

(A)(3) use this product to do a slow Vermicuture operation.  `





This would not make heavy metals safe and there’s bound to be chemicals resilient to the fly and earthworm digestive system perhaps the fly larvae and earthworms are gasification/pyrolysis













Species recovery and recolonization of past habitats: lessons for science and conservation from sea otters in estuaries

The original post on Otter assisted migration is here

There is a new paper out on Otter assisted migration!


Species recovery and recolonization of past habitats: lessons for science and conservation from sea otters in estuaries


From reading this article is the fascinating conclusion that Otter is really native to bays and sloughs San Diego County does have some limited Sloughs such as Famosa Slough. This slough is in proximity to the Point Loma Kelp beds. Could Otters learn to travel between the two?

Now to our takeaways to the Paper by B Hughes Et al There is historical and archeological evidence that a midden of an ancient cast of kitchen waste off of Emeryville California.Lots of Otter Bones from hunted Otter. So this study group suggests the bay area was and can be again home to thousands of Sea Otter.

Emeryville and the Larkspur landing could be the sites of public transport Otter spotting tourism? Ditto Sausalito



Larkspur landing has a hot spot of seagrass and some salt marsh this could encourage Golden gate Ferry passenger loads to increase.

It appears from the paper that female sea otters rarely travel more them 15 kilometers from there territories so we would be best served by capturing female otters from Elkhorn Slough since they are acclimatized to that Biome then supplement those with recuperated otters from the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito. Those animals are certainly from only the Kelp environment and would need acclimation to the bay environment






My VA Physician is an unhappy Army vet I have a retention idea for him

He has 4 to 8 years in the army as a physician he may have more as a reservist in Medical school(?)

he saw things in surgery in Iraq that no one should see

So I wrote about my Niece who works at the Geological survey I suggested she could go on active duty as a Naval officer and get a free graduate degree at Montera as a graduate student in oceanograpy My VA physician could do the same

He would be on military leave from the VA for up to 5 years with pension credits and would end up in the Navy Oceanography command its unlikely he would ever see the horrors of the surgery in Iraq

We know this he would have a very nice reserve officer pension and a civil service pension

Oceanography and a medical officer to me always say, astronaut candidate!




Paper Alleys as Green Grant & Parks Alliance joint projects

Paper Alleys as Green Grant & Parks Alliance joint projects


Ingleside Pathway.jpg


There is a possibility that some green grant projects might allow a public space to accept rainwater runoff from private property. Paper Alleys are a prime example of this concept as they are adjacent to buildings.


We propose that idea here





Double Neptune Triton flyby missions to collect planetary interior data

We need higher fidelity Triton interior data!

could  a smallsat flyby Triton along with the prime mission collect more data if both spacecraft flyby triton together

This proposal needs a baby sister CubeSat to flyby Triton with it

3200 (2)

The Cubesat could have a magnetometer and a camera. Power the CubeSat with cold tech batteries developed for the Enceladus lander. Cubesat separates from Trident spacecraft before Neptune/Tritan encounter.

Challenge; transmitting this date back to the mothership(Trident) before the battery dies or CubeSat is out of range(UHF)

Well so the Cubsat flys alongside the Trident to stay in UHF range for 30 days(battery) after the encounter but far enough away to gather some variance in data from a second Triaxial magnetometer?






Automated self reentry of failed LEO communications comsats

What I learned at Chanute AFB at the aircraft electricians school

Aircraft antiskid brakes electrical systems

1985 was a while ago not sure if I recall this correctly


You can use an electrical current to keep a circuit broken. When a system loses the electrical curent the circuit closes and triggers an action.

So the Starlink comsat system has a Krypton SEP/Hall thruster system in the event power is lost or com/nav is lost the proposal here is to discharge the Starlink Kryton into an inflatable balut to hasten a reentry



Plant Protein & cellular agriculture, value-added canned soup product

In the next 60 years, we might see a collapse of the grain crops due to drought but more importantly introduced or evolved blights and disease. It might be useful to have a cellular source for all of the grain proteins that make up flours. Cellular Gluttons might free up Grian croplands to return to Priare and woodland soils for CO2 sequestering. Cellular Gluton would have a non-motenized value.

Cellular sourced pasta is our example here for a value-added product. Seafood Bisques and stews that are bottled or canned made mostly from plant or cellular-based seafood/Milk and Pasta proteins is the goal.

Altenbach2019_Article_ExploitingTheReferenceGenomeSe (1)

We need a cellular produced Gluten product for grain-free flour. Altenbach Etal states that these are produced by a set of genes. Altenbach Et al states;

“Gluten proteins consist

of two types of proteins, the monomeric gliadins that confer

extensibility to wheat flour dough and the polymeric glutenins

that confer elasticity to wheat flour dough (Shewry et al. 2003,

for review)”

Genetics of Wheat Gluten Proteins

Next step is a Cellular based Butter and cream for our Pasta or Seafood Bisque. We think we have found a producer for this? Perfect Day Foods We would use cellular produced milk fats combined with seaweed as our cooking oil.


Shrimp Bisque made with New Wave Plant-based,  shrimp is a candidate for canning, would it hold up to the canning process?

New Wave Foods

Soon so many others will come online and our value-added soups could contain ingredients from many suppliers


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