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EOR for Europa Clipper and Ice Giant missions

Bring up Europa Clipper on a ULA ACES upper stage after the SpaceX heavy has brought up the Europa lander(boil off issues) Two launches Europa Clipper and lander dock together nose to nose.

Both stages fire to TJI and the ULA upper stage jettisons.Not sure about what’s next have the orbiter arrive first or have them arrive together? That would be a EOUD or Europa orbit un docking perhaps it best if both spacecraft separate after TJI

Docking also enables sample return

Apollo11-03Delta Heavy and Falcon Heavy could do more for science than for today’s Orion proposal

Orion/Delta V/ICPS Wetlab & Falcon Heavy docked upper stage

So the NASA Administrator may have been cooking this up for some time? We have been blogging for several years about Cislunar wetlabs that recycle spent upper stages at EML-2. The question is are you utilizing three stages here that includes the Orion service module? if you are then the ICPS is most likely being left behind in some less then HEO orbit

ICPS with its boil-off issues means it goes first and is jettisoned and  SpaceX Falcon heavy upper stage docks with Orion, this is a “eyeballs” out TLI after EOR

Orion docked with Falcon heavy second stage with the expended Orion Service module is your poor person’s human-tended space station

It would be more fun to discuss EOR  for Europa Clipper and Ice Giant missions!

Concurrent R&D of a Europan & Triton Landers

Concurrent R&D of a European & Triton Landers

One would very likely fly latter the other so the instruments and flight computer might be manufactured later for the Triton Lander, The Neptune orbiter should arrive first.

The goal is to have 70% commonality between the two landers

Copper mineralization precipitate as a source of arthropod progenitor source of Anthropoid copper circulatory systems

Copper mineralization precipitate as a source of arthropod progenitor source of Anthropoid copper circulatory systems, Imagine Copper mineral veins forming under great depth under the surface of the land interacting with bacteria or in the alternative copper smokers interacting with early deep-sea vent communities. We are looking for explanations of the origins of Hemocyanin.

Jay Parnel et all would source the Copper from weathered Basalt from snowball earth  Neoproterozoic copper cycling, and the rise of metazoans


This would have to have been evolved somewhere after the Anilied Arthropod split from the common ancestor

Hemocyanins and Invertebrate Evolution








This ESOP restaurant start-up and acquisition fund

This blog post is about an idea that for me is almost 30 years old it works like this


One recent idea is that you acquire a 100 percent ESOP that is not leveraged by another ESOP that is 100% leveraged. So one brewpub buys out another and both are ESOPS. This means a long-standing ESOP owned Brewpub is cashing out its employees into the rollover investments and the old and new employees of the acquiring ESOP brewpub start over.

Brewpub A has a leveraged ESOP use the funds to by Brewpub B a long-standing ESOP with fully vested employees. All the Employees at B are cashed out and become employees at A.

This plan allows for continued ESOP participation in the ESOP in the Merged Entity and the cashed out employees could you the cash out to increase rates of homeownership

So I propose to be ESOP B and I might make a deal with a union to use their hiring hall in exchange for paying for my ESOP feasibility studies and incorporation fees (can be $100,000) Some of these ideas are here, the public benefit esop owned restaurant acquisition corporation (1)    And    university of michigan student government as americorps vista-final -2      and another  the jack in the box michigan disability

A new idea is that nonprofit receives a grant to do an ESOP feasibility for its clients to use, This might work for San Francisco’s nonprofit restaurant incubator La Cochina each graduate or group of graduates would have a Leveraged ESOP loan to build a large brick and mortar establishment.

These ESOPS if newly created could operate with a union a training hall, our training hall would be unique in that it would teach culinary and ESOP skills IE the employees would learn how to be employee owners and managers and learn a rarely taught skill union democracy and the duty to properly represent union members.


Edit  25 September 2019



San Francisco Coast redwood propagation project

We do not agree with the idea that only 8% of the land area Of UCSFMount Sutro should be set aside for California native trees and plants it should be more like 30% to 40 % and primarily with Coast Redwoods.

Mount Sutro Vegetation Management Plan Final EIR_Full DocumentMount_Sutro_Vegetation_Management_Plan_3_30_2018_Final

We would seek to propagate in San Francisco a diverse range of coast redwood genome such as those collected by ArchAngel Nonprofit

Rooftop rain harvesting & Aquaculture

TNDC rain water collection

Rooftop rain retention could be utilized by combined aquaculture aquaponics systems. The Google earth measurement tool tells me that the TNDC buildings at Taylor Street and Eddy might be producing 400,000 gallons of rooftop rainwater per year! On a rainy day, 500 Million gallons goes out the overflow outfall VS
My guess is all the TNDC properties are say 25 million gallons? ‘

Average San Francisco rainfall is 23.64

The newly announced

Green Infrastructure Grant Program

Ensures that organizations like Friends of the Urban Forests and the park alliance that has written into the features of their program that are not compatible with each other would have to be better coordinated if they were to become Green Infrastructure vendors or contractors. It unlikely a green infrastructure  project could possibly have just one contractor vender

The requirement is the project cover at least .5 acres so not a possibility that anyone nonprofit is going to be able to prevail as a single-source vendor



It should be possible to set up at the 145 Taylor Street courtyard a native California marshland for captured rainwater

However, the water garden might be heavily aerated by water flow like in the video above so we are looking for Riverian water flow plants



Boeddeker Park Rain Capture project

This might be another $400 Million gallons a year from adjacent properties some of whom are TNDC buildings


Boeddeker Park

San Francisco Water Power Sewer Diablo Canyon Nuclear power plant ownership plan

PG&E claims to see no value in the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant after 2024, They propose to close it. We claim the plant does have value after 2024 as a carbon-neutral power source.

So we think this power plant could be a subsidiary and property of the city and county San Francisco and PG&E in bankruptcy court would be contracted to renew the NRA license

Tenderloin Power and Heat Cooperative

Tenderloin Power and Heat Cooperative

Tenderloin Heat and Power Coop

Powerhouse under the intersection of Eddy Street and Taylor Street would generate electricity for sale to the grid and the provision of hot water and central air to everyone. We would all own this system as coop members. Most likely we are selling power to San Francisco clean power as a partly green power provider.

The idea is that a passive under the street geothermal system would produce hot water (preheated boiler water)for a Natural gas electrical power station under tenderloin intersections. We would like to use renewable fuels if possible. The power station would heat and cool Tenderloin buildings thus making our neighborhood PG&E free. This Geothermal cogeneration is a triple hybrid system.

25% of all American production and use of electrical power goes into the atmosphere as seen on this chart (rejected heat) Almost 50% more heat rejected from industrial, commercial & residential


This rejected heat can be recovered from local electrical generation and  co-generate building cooling and heating and we propose that this is slaved to a ground-based heat pump system

Look at all that rejected heat in the Diagram above! this is the secret of co-generating building heat and cooling. That rejected heat is almost 50% power loss to the atmosphere. I propose below that preheated water from ground sourced heat would supply the boiler water, this might bring this up to 90% efficiency




Tenderloin Heat and power coop district

Tenderloin Heat and power coop district-1

Each city block intersection could have a vault with an underground boiler and this boiler receives preheated ground sourced “geothermal” water


Campus under the street geothermal

district ground sourced geothermal systems under city streets

This youtube video describes ground source apartment house heat pump

We would also produce electricity though not depicted here. Vertical drilling geothermal heat pumps would be required in the eastern half of San Francisco.

Natural gas with heat up the smokestack 30% efficiency

Natural gas with cogenerated heat & cooling with district  60% to 80% efficiency

Natural gas with geothermal preheated boiler water  99% efficiency?

We would in place these under streets in Western San Francisco for residential ;


They provide latent heat to a Heat pump to provide preheated hot water to the electrical generator under the intersection of Eddy & Taylor street.

Human Landing System – Studies, Risk Reduction, Development and Demonstration

Solicitation Number: NNH19ZCQ001K_APP-E

We have proposed a hybrid Chemical/SEP  Lunar Gateway propulsion stage(PPE). We replace the high-pressure Xenon tanks with a traditional propellant tank with cryogenic Xenon and cooling the Xenon with Cryogenic Oxygen. So, in essence, we propose a solar array powered ACES upper stage with a SEP engine as the Gateway PPE. We think to replace many smaller high-pressure Xenon tanks save weight. Would need to do trades on this. The stage we propose would have a third Xenon propellant tank at the standard 41 PSI found in standard chemical tanks

This vehicle is a fuel depot

We have proposed that the ACES/SEP hybrid makes for many interesting trades for outer planet missions, You expend most of the Xenon in-route to an Ice Giant and with the ACES with most of its 60 Mt of LH2 LO2 still onboard you do that orbit insertion burn. The ACES/SEP stage does MECO on the way out of LEO so it is paid for by the launch services contract and does not come under AO under mission caps. We also propose robust avionics and comnav system designed for decades in deepspace be shared between the science and upper stage and this also come under the launch services contract. The Chemical burns to place the spacecraft outside the Van Allen belts SEP to HEO and Lunar swingby to Heliocentric orbit. We propose the ACES/SEP hybrid stage to have commonality with the Gateway PPE stage. Outer planet science instruments are attached to the ACES/SEP stage with a large ESPA ring

Human landing system

The ULA folks have with partners have proposed an upper stage lunar lander concept called “ZEUS” We propose the ACES/SEP stage as the latest variant.SEP to ferry a fully fueled lander

This lander would have the same con-ops as the missions described above IE it performs MECO and a chemical Burn to above the Van Allen belts and a SEP burn to lunar orbit without a crew aboard.


This architecture works with;

Falcon Heavy with a Methane Raptor upper stage

New Glen upper stage

The human lunar lander private-public partnership AO is out today

Human Landing system

Please see the guiding principles below




From Page 6  explains why a common upper stage science probe that shares substantial commonality with a cislunar economy Tug makes the most sense.


NASA’s activities in enabling the pioneering of space are being driven by a set of guiding principles:

FISCAL REALISM: Implementable in the near-term with the buying power of current budgets and in the longer term with budgets commensurate with economic growth;

SCIENTIFIC EXPLORATION: Exploration enables science and science enables exploration; leveraging scientific expertise for human exploration of the solar system. A duel use human/cargo hybrid cryogenic/SEP space tug can also be used for interplanetary probes.

TECHNOLOGY PULL AND PUSH: Application of high Technology Readiness Level (TRL) technologies for near term missions, while focusing sustained investments on technologies and capabilities to address the challenges of future missions; If the Hybrid Cryogenic/SEP hybrid was the Gateway PPE stage then the stage could be manufactured for many other uses including for the SMD.

GRADUAL BUILD UP OF CAPABILITY: Near-term mission opportunities with a defined cadence of compelling and integrated human and robotic missions, providing for an incremental buildup of capabilities for more complex missions over time; For the purpose of the human lander our proposal is both the lander and the transfer stage IE ACES/SEP this scenario you have expended or transferred the Xenon to the gateway Fuel depot and land with just the cryogenic propellant 

ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY: Opportunities for U.S. commercial business to further enhance their experience and business base; Deep space planetary science providers along with NASA centers and JPL would be a commercial government partnership effort.

ARCHITECTURE OPENNESS AND RESILENCE: Resilient architecture featuring multi-use, evolvable space infrastructure, minimizing unique developments, with each mission leaving something behind to support subsequent missions;

GLOBAL COLLABORATION AND LEADERSHIP: Substantial new international and commercial partnerships, leveraging current International Space Station partnerships and building new cooperative ventures for exploration; and

CONTINUITY OF HUMAN SPACEFLIGHT: Uninterrupted expansion of human presence into the solar system by establishing a regular cadence of crewed missions to cislunar space during ISS lifetime.



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