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Rappolee Flowers “The Farm” Honey production from the Fort Miley & Park Presidio floristic province

July 19, 2017

Rappolee Flowers “The Farm” Honey production from the Fort Miley & Park Presidio floristic province

Rappolee Flowers is owned by terrestrial & Cislunar Exploration Technologies a Post 9/11 Veteran owned concern.

We would seek permission to locate on the VA hospital and Park Presidio grounds honey bee colonies to produce local honey from the  Park Presidio & Fort Miley floristic province.This product could be sold at Farmer’s markets or local bay area stores.the product could be sold to Park Presidio food purveyors and The Fort Miley VA hospital Canteen service.

I have some physical disabilities that might prove a challenge in beekeeping so one answer might be to sell NUCS or new beehives produced from existing hives.These I could sell to other veterans with an agreement that they whole sell honey to “Rappolee Flowers” for retail sells to farmers markets.


This post is also very much a part of a series on homeless veterans and other veterans entrepreneurship and therapeutic activities. CWT ethics would lend to adopting ideas that lead to veterans forming Coops to market honey at farmers markets.This would involve Americorps projects that would involve a transition from CWT to Americorps so the veteran may use the AmeriCorps experience to add to the federally recognized pension services credits

hypothetical sought after results;

homeless Vietnam vet has two years service (in the Army?)

does two more years AmeriCorps volunteer service which is creditable service towards the federal pension

If the vet is on SSDI there is a is a safety net policy that states that with the social security administrations prior approval one may work without limit to income in any 5 year period for 9 months and keep your SSDI payments.clearly, the CWT social worker has no ethical business to consider this choice lightly the states govern social worker licensing and they demand that the social worker always hold their patient’s interests first

The nonprofits and the VA as employers of social workers corrupt the ethical standards that the states require it is this that leads us to the conclusion that the VA and sister federal and state agencies and your contracted nonprofits  see themselves as








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