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Can A Europan lander Geophone detect bioacustics produced by life through 30 kilometers of ice?

October 11, 2017

Can A Europan lander Geophone detect bioacoustics produced by life through 30 kilometers of ice?

far fetched yes? 🙂 biological acoustics through 30 kilometers of European ice is a lot to hope for but how could it be done? There may be water in places closer to the surface.

The Proposed Europa lander suggests the use of a geophone to listen for the geological evidence of an ocean

Whales are well known to produce sound, Does Europa even come close to having the energetics to evolve Metazoans?

Shrimp are Acoustically among the loudest on Earth

Small metazoans are more likely but this requires O2 right?

Panning Et al are hoping to listen to geological sounds at Europa

looking for Ocean sounds at Europa


EDIT 13 Sept 2018

Dr. Chris McKay told us “No” to a question I posed to the Europa Lander panel at OPAG Pasadena as to whether a Lander Geophone could detect Bioacoustics. I am not sure if he meant no to the instrument can or to whether it would

In my question, I stated that Bioacoustics is produced by Metazoans and those require nutrients and an energy state in an ocean to exists. I suspect those don’t exist and that those ROW worlds are full of protists.

I also said Bioacoustics from an alien world well how would we know it?
also is it a detection or a biosignature?
I would argue a positive finding would be a bio-detection My comments came after Dr. Bolten talked for about 10 minutes 🙂








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