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SLS EUS derived Gateway Cislunar space station

June 16, 2017

SLS EUS propellant tanks could augment any cislunar gateway with a wet lab, An EUS LH2 tank would increase the pressurized volume of a Skylab-II C 2 full capability habitat by 45% (see figure 15)   20140012883

LH2 Tank ~9,400 ft3 capacity 8.4 m dia, ~7.5 m length

LO2 Tank ~3,400 ft3 capacity 5.5 m dia, ~6.0 m length

LH2 tank  315.8703 m3 pressurized  volume added to the Skylab-II  500 m3 pressurized volume a 45 % increase


CONOPS; (A) EUS delivers skylab-II to cislunar space(B) ACES derived ICE and IVF consume remaining propellants and water is recovered(C) EUS has a hatch between the EUS and skylab-II that is designed to allow egress.(D) EUS continues to supply additional solar power(E) EUS LH2 tank would need outfitting.(F) connecting the EUS LH2 & LO2 tanks would cause thermal regulation problems to think this out further, perhaps the LO2 tank might have its own hatch and a future attach point for a docking port?(weight?) (G) what protocols would be needed for an EVA  to remove the Engines?


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