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Introduction of Baja California mangrove ecosystems to Mission Bay San Diego

June 9, 2017

The introduction of Baja California mangrove ecosystems to Mission Bay San Diego in response to climate change and to provide ecosystem biomass for commercial and sports fisheries. Future climate change might warm Mission Bay to the Mangroves current Baja California range. It’s proposed the mangrove tree would be from seed only with no soil brought in to reduce unintended introductions.

San Diego’s Mission Bay is an artificially dredged bay that we propose would be the site of an experiment to naturalize Baja California Mangrove species of trees.

Assist the mangrove to move North? 

It’s been proposed that humans assist plants to migrate into new habitats in response to climate change, in this case, we do not propose to introduce mangrove trees into San Diego wetlands but into Mission Bay an artificially dredged recreational inshore bay. The experiment would be to observe Mangrove tree root harboring of planktonic and larval crustaceans and fish.

Assisted Migration wiki


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