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The Austin Powers Robonaut anthropoid caregiver onboard precursor interplanetary flight

December 26, 2015

The Austin Powers Robonaut anthropoid/Rodent caregiver onboard interplanetary flight precursor mission

Based on an idea posted to Lori Garver’s NASA Facebook page in 2010

Robonaut is equipped with heated chest pads to simulate Mammalian nurture and breast-feeding for an interplanetary uncrewed precursor mission.The Protocol is that rodents and small anthropoids are nurtured in zero gee with a Robonaut programmed with software that allows for a range of laboratory animal husbandry skills with some remote input from humans back on Earth

These skills and the test flight allow for knowledge gained for future robotic medical care for human astronauts and for future animal husbandry for human astronaut consumption in 1/6th and 1/3rd gee.

Early research in anthropology/sociology used a metal doll with a furry carpet attached to test behavior of rhesus monkeys who were nurtured by this mechanical doll and this who were raised without any nurturing

The dark side of robonaught programmed behavior

Another post on Lori Garvers former Facebook page around April first was the proposed “Mars Vivisection Lander” This would require a robonaught with the proper software for sacrificing specimens and collecting tissues  possibly examine them photography under microscopy and freezing specimens in 1/6th and 1/3rd gee.


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