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SBIR study of Noble gases as ullage and ion propellent for a range of chemical propellants

December 26, 2015

(A) (1)SBIR study of behavior of a range of noble gases as ullage with a range of chemical propellants;at end of mission of the chemical burn does some noble gasses miscible with LH2, LO2 or LCh4  give molar mass to the chemical burn thrust?

(A)(2) Do some Nobel ullage gases form harmful ice blockage threats to chemical propellants? Does the range of the triple point of Noble gasses to the range of chemical cryogenic chemical propellants  make for some better or poorer choices between ullage and ion propellant? An example on an earlier post is Xenon ullage gas and liquid Hydrogen.

(A)(3)We propose that these studies look at two issues,(a) noble ullage gases in ion systems with a short duration chemical burn mission design with a subsequent re purposed of that stage as the ion powered vehicle and (b) noble gasses as ullage/ion propellent together with the possibility of chemical stage refueling and a long term Chemical storage and refueling





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