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The Grand challenge uncrewed shakedown cruise challenge; Orion VS Dragon

January 8, 2015

The Grand challenge uncrewed shakedown cruise challenge; Orion VS Dragon

(A)(1) Falcon Heavy launches two Dragon capsules one with a dragon trunk, after Mars trajectory burn Dragon and Trunk shall separate and turn and dock with second Dragon and extract.

(A)(2) Second Dragon is Red Dragon and performs Mars EDL possibly an aerodynamic deceleration experiment is performed with subsequent EDL

(A)(3) Dragon and Trunk perform mars flyby and Earth EDL test

(B)(1) SLS and Orion with Deimos derived ARM as secondary payload

(B)(2) Orion docks and extracts ARM post Mars trajectory burn, good practice for future missions!

(B)(3)Orion performs Mars flyby followed by Earth EDL

This is a friendly competition meant to inspire the public to further fund space exploration, both after all provide an Apollo 8 moment of a grandeur as photography shows us the mars approach and earth approach

Possibly the Orion and Dragon could have a common docking mechanism so that on the way back from Mars both spacecraft could perform the first ever docking in space by automated spacecraft. Commercial crew special studies funding could be used for this 

Both projects should share PI’s and co investigators as well as data and lessons learned

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