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ISS/Skylab-II a LEO to GEO mission 2.0

January 12, 2015

Con ops

Build skylab-II every three years or less

(A) This is 3 to 4 Skylab-II’s built per decade

(A)(1) Serial production lowers costs  for Skylab-II and also SLS

(B) GEO ISS/Skylab-II

(B)(1) Requires a merger of ISS/SLS budgets by 2028, this makes it policy that the payload is Skylab-II for 15 years or more or 4 to 5 vehicles

(B)(2) Requires commercial cargo and crew to GEO!


(C)(1) Supports ISRU with captured asteroid later in 2028( a delay in favor of Deimos boulder)

(C)(2) Supports DBRM science and ARM science

(C)(3) Supports teleoperated Lunar Science


(D)Commercial crew and cargo to GEO ISS/Skylab-II

(D)(1) requires that the chemical second stage from cargo and crew flights  be dual fueled with Xenon/Argon Ullage gas for ion powered disposal to heliocentric orbits

(2)provides for Cubesat missions

(3) salvaged ISS truss’s and modules and merges ISS budgets with the Skylab-II series budgets

(4)Skylab-II to DRO and Orion from LEO to LRO as well as Orion from GEO to LRO.

(5) Commercial cargo to DRO, Orion crew to DRO

(E)Skylab-II to Deimos

(1) Most likely ship number 4 late in the 2020’s

(2) Supports Mars telerobotics

(3) Supports prepositioning of cargo for human crews

(4) Builds on the ISS experience






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