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The guard reserve Veterans administration associate unit program*

December 19, 2014

The guard reserve Veterans administration associate unit program*


The air guard and air force reserve both commonly serve alongside active duty units and share active duty equipment, our plan is similar in nature and could save money by pooling resources and talent that serves both military and veterans administration patients alike.

  • Examples of the units slots; 10 dual slotted VA civil service/reserve membership required employees**
  • 10 department of defense civil service/reserve membership***
  • 10 active duty personnel and 100 drilling reservists
  • Ten VA employees tasked to the unit
  • This represents an additional form or clinic  at ech VA hospital or clinic

15 wounded warrior slots

  • These are reservists and guardsman who do not have the time in service to retire and have injuries that make them not deployable overseas
  • Their duty in the event of mobilization shall be to run the unit at home while the rest deploy. These wounded warriors shall provide for the needs of deployed service members families back home
  • They should be allowed to continue serving because they have value and knowledge and its the compassionate thing to do.

VA patients; a learning experience!


  • The population of VA patients provides an everyday opportunity for military personnel to practice their trades and to provide insight into the full clinical life cycle of a patient who serves and becomes a VA patient
  • A population of former and current military patients provides an everyday training opportunity for the reservist practitioner
  • Each DOD/VA in residence /associate unit should have a reserve guard chaplain unit since spiritual counseling hand in hand with the needs of the wounded warrior,I  think that a chaplain unit that is a composite unit of guard/reserve and VA employees might make it possible to put  dent in the high suicide  rates.


The VA is a lesson to any NCO and or officer who see it as his/her duty to Kick out of the service our wounded warriors without compensation…………………………………..


This Project of mine would need a DOD/VA MOU ( Memorandum of understanding) perhaps this could be  pilot program?


seeking Mentor Protege

Veteran small business set aside

Steven Torry Rappolee
Terrestrial & Cislunar Exploration technologies
A Post 9/11 Veteran owned concern
810 334 4374
Fax 810 449 5484
UM Flint Student Business Incubator, #207
423 North Saginaw Street,Flint, Michigan, 48502


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