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VTA/Bart and California High Speed rail potential synergies

November 19, 2014

(A)(1) Would a California high-speed rail terminating at the San Jose Diderot station fuel BART and Caltrain  passengers onto high-speed rail? And how many passengers would result from this combination of connections?

(A)(2) Would these passenger volumes justify a three way partnership between VTA/BART and Caltrain and high speed rail to jointly tunnel under downtown San Jose?

(A)(3) We propose a three way meet up at Alum Rock Station with high speed rail coming up highway 101 from the south;this ads back in the canceled/delayed Alum Rock station

(B)(1) HSR would cover 50% of the costs of the tunnel and Caltrain would cover 20% .VTA/Bart would agree to amortize  these costs back down to 1/3 each starting 15 years after service entry date. 

(B)(2) Alum Rock special property tax district and high rise mixed use buildings pays for a portion of the station.

(B)(3) Do we want to make it mandatory for all three systems to transfer only at Alum Rock Station at first? I.E no HSR stop at Diderot?(4) HSR does  the other downtown stations as in infill only when the San Francisco route is built( HSR would not stop at the downtown station)

(B)(5) HSR bond arbitrage for the tunnel costs involve a trade between VTA/BART feed in passenger levels and VTA/BART taking responsibility for some of HSR bond payments after a period of time.(B)(6)The Value to HSR is the East Bay VTA/BART traffic feed and that is the logic with a common tunnel boring project(B)(7) possibly a passenger might ride  the BART system from San Francisco down the East Bay to connect with the HSR without a Caltrain to the transbay terminal connection?

(C)(1) VTA light rail as “infill” (share route with HSR) stations off Highway 101 south of Alum Rock Station( close the loop with Ohlone station or Santa Teresa)(C)(2) HSR and VTA light rail share environmental and planning reports along the highway 101 portion of the route.(C)(3) these eastern neighborhoods could also feed into the proposed HSR Alum Rock station and the VTA/BART stations to the north and East Bay destinations.(C)(4) in some cases it might be a shorter trip for many passengers to ride VTA light rail up the proposed HSR/VTA corridor up highway 101.(C)(5) Run an express from Santa Teresa to Alum Rock  to connect east side San Jose to HSR.(C)(6) Caltrains Blossom hill station is a VTA connection so this might be a logical connection from  a future incoming VTA from Alum Rock train (C)(7) running a VTA further down highway 101 might not make sense without a lot of urban density, however(C)(8) it could connect with a system from the valley?(C)(9) most likely the HSR it self makes the most logical connection between VTA light rail and any station from the valley where population densities are light such as between Gilroy and Merced


Click to access Vision_Report_Final_web.pdf

(C)(10) Future VTA light rail could share HSR environmental and planning for a common shared route through to Morgan Hill and San Martin reducing costs to both parties(C)(11) HSR would carry passengers over the 156 corridor as current planning calls for to connect to valley local transit systems.

(D)(1) Santa Cruz











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