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Dragon Planet finder and WFIRST Dragon

March 5, 2013

There is a third NRO mirror!

Kepler’s dimensions almost exactly matches that of the Dragon lab!

The surface area at the bottom of the Dragon labs pressure vessel is larger in circumference than Kepler CCD detectors!

Gaia CDD array .5 Meter x 1 meter = 0.5 mM2
Bottom of SpaceX Dragon Lab pressure vessel 2.1 Meter X pi = 4.71238898 Meter
Costs to cover this area with CDD’s?
2.35619449 meters
Costs to cover this area with CDD’s?
NRO mirror is 2.4 meters
Dragon lab hatch is 1.3 Meters
Top of Dragon pressure vessel is 2.4 Meters!
Length of Dragon pressure vessel is roughly equivalent to Kepler
2.9 meters high Dragon
Kepler 4.3 Meters with sunshade

We recover our costs by selling science data to NASA as an anchor tenant and other space agency’s and by selling space on the spacecraft as a science “hosted payload” component suppliers each own a S Corporation share that equals their contribution.Data is sold and paid for over a ten year period

Dragon planet finder





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