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ISS cargo/crew vehicle as astronaut metabolite produced Methane/Ethylene boost stage and tug; a NASA 2015 SBIR proposal

April 21, 2014


The ISS has a machine making methane on-board out of water and Co2
place said machine onboard a Dragon modified with a methane engine or make ethylene out of it.
make and store and fire engine periodically,
when cargo and crew approach undock and fly out to keep out zone and loiter.instead of orbit reboost for ISS a Dragon tug could demonstrate this mission,

reminds me of Gemini Agena mission, perhaps this is a Cygnus lab free flyer in need of a boost to higher orbit or perhaps this demonstrates the use of Cygnus and Dragon as a space telescope repair mission
I am sure the Methane Dragon could not make the ISS to Hubble trip however.
I am sure Zubrin has suggested reverse gas shift using astronaut waste metabolites in one of his early papers so our hats off to him!
I am sure the paper suggested that…

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