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My VA Physician is an unhappy Army vet I have a retention idea for him

December 21, 2019

He has 4 to 8 years in the army as a physician he may have more as a reservist in Medical school(?)

he saw things in surgery in Iraq that no one should see

So I wrote about my Niece who works at the Geological survey I suggested she could go on active duty as a Naval officer and get a free graduate degree at Montera as a graduate student in oceanograpy My VA physician could do the same

He would be on military leave from the VA for up to 5 years with pension credits and would end up in the Navy Oceanography command its unlikely he would ever see the horrors of the surgery in Iraq

We know this he would have a very nice reserve officer pension and a civil service pension

Oceanography and a medical officer to me always say, astronaut candidate!





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