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Double Neptune Triton flyby missions to collect planetary interior data

September 24, 2019

We need higher fidelity Triton interior data!

could  a smallsat flyby Triton along with the prime mission collect more data if both spacecraft flyby triton together

This proposal needs a baby sister CubeSat to flyby Triton with it

3200 (2)

The Cubesat could have a magnetometer and a camera. Power the CubeSat with cold tech batteries developed for the Enceladus lander. Cubesat separates from Trident spacecraft before Neptune/Tritan encounter.

Challenge; transmitting this date back to the mothership(Trident) before the battery dies or CubeSat is out of range(UHF)

Well so the Cubsat flys alongside the Trident to stay in UHF range for 30 days(battery) after the encounter but far enough away to gather some variance in data from a second Triaxial magnetometer?







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