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Rooftop rain harvesting & Aquaculture

February 21, 2019

TNDC rain water collection

Rooftop rain retention could be utilized by combined aquaculture aquaponics systems. The Google earth measurement tool tells me that the TNDC buildings at Taylor Street and Eddy might be producing 400,000 gallons of rooftop rainwater per year! On a rainy day, 500 Million gallons goes out the overflow outfall VS
My guess is all the TNDC properties are say 25 million gallons? ‘

Average San Francisco rainfall is 23.64

The newly announced

Green Infrastructure Grant Program

Ensures that organizations like Friends of the Urban Forests and the park alliance that has written into the features of their program that are not compatible with each other would have to be better coordinated if they were to become Green Infrastructure vendors or contractors. It unlikely a green infrastructure  project could possibly have just one contractor vender

The requirement is the project cover at least .5 acres so not a possibility that anyone nonprofit is going to be able to prevail as a single-source vendor



It should be possible to set up at the 145 Taylor Street courtyard a native California marshland for captured rainwater

However, the water garden might be heavily aerated by water flow like in the video above so we are looking for Riverian water flow plants



Boeddeker Park Rain Capture project

This might be another $400 Million gallons a year from adjacent properties some of whom are TNDC buildings


Boeddeker Park


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