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Tenderloin Power and Heat Cooperative

February 14, 2019

Tenderloin Power and Heat Cooperative

Tenderloin Heat and Power Coop

Powerhouse under the intersection of Eddy Street and Taylor Street would generate electricity for sale to the grid and the provision of hot water and central air to everyone. We would all own this system as coop members. Most likely we are selling power to San Francisco clean power as a partly green power provider.

The idea is that a passive under the street geothermal system would produce hot water (preheated boiler water)for a Natural gas electrical power station under tenderloin intersections. We would like to use renewable fuels if possible. The power station would heat and cool Tenderloin buildings thus making our neighborhood PG&E free. This Geothermal cogeneration is a triple hybrid system.

25% of all American production and use of electrical power goes into the atmosphere as seen on this chart (rejected heat) Almost 50% more heat rejected from industrial, commercial & residential


This rejected heat can be recovered from local electrical generation and  co-generate building cooling and heating and we propose that this is slaved to a ground-based heat pump system

Look at all that rejected heat in the Diagram above! this is the secret of co-generating building heat and cooling. That rejected heat is almost 50% power loss to the atmosphere. I propose below that preheated water from ground sourced heat would supply the boiler water, this might bring this up to 90% efficiency




Tenderloin Heat and power coop district

Tenderloin Heat and power coop district-1

Each city block intersection could have a vault with an underground boiler and this boiler receives preheated ground sourced “geothermal” water


Campus under the street geothermal

district ground sourced geothermal systems under city streets

This youtube video describes ground source apartment house heat pump

We would also produce electricity though not depicted here. Vertical drilling geothermal heat pumps would be required in the eastern half of San Francisco.

Natural gas with heat up the smokestack 30% efficiency

Natural gas with cogenerated heat & cooling with district  60% to 80% efficiency

Natural gas with geothermal preheated boiler water  99% efficiency?

We would in place these under streets in Western San Francisco for residential ;


They provide latent heat to a Heat pump to provide preheated hot water to the electrical generator under the intersection of Eddy & Taylor street.


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