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Tenderloin sidewalk pollinator garden and trellis forests

November 3, 2018

Tenderloin sidewalk pollinator garden and trellis forests



California native grape

screencapture-boethingtreeland-plant-type-vines-bougainvillea-california-gold-html-2018-11-03-16_18_13(A(1) Experimental permitting; on every Tenderloin, block remove one car parking spot and extend the sidewalk out 4 feet in a half oval. Permit a larger tree here. In place, a poop proof cement bern and cement seating around for children’s bus stop. I have seen transport vehicles triple parked in front of 145 Taylor Street picking up children.

(A)(2) The new tree ordinance removes property owners from responsibility but an experimental permit could add in DOL job training programs in trellis and pruning management in a building owner public works partnership. This means the pruning could keep a larger tree in good behavior.

(A)(3) Urban Ag means permits for trees that produce fruit and the larger tree or its dwarf variety would fit more into a sidewalk garden permit

(A)(4) Urban AG permaculturists recommend the Kiwifruit vine for sidewalk trellis


Anti Poop cement Bern











Turning these tough inner-city walls into wall gardens with Urban Ag Tree trellis would be an awesome challenge


Some things in big pots should never have to draw a tree permit! or at least we are owed a tree permit Variance

Skip the first 2 minutes, This olive tree is in a big pot it does not fit the definition of a troublesome tree in the Tenderloin according to tree permit rules

WHO says we can’t have California native trees here in the Tenderloin

Friends of the Urban Forrest can put in a native California garden but we would put these in after

I am trying to get youtube to show me California Native Bonsai 🙂


This is a collection of building wall Trellis that we propose for the Tenderloin










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