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Ice Giant trajectory Via Jupiter Solar flyby post-2032

September 14, 2018

After 2032 Jupiter and Saturn flyby trajectories dry up for ice Giant missions, however here is an idea; Let’s try to do trajectory analysis for Ice Giant and other targets utilizing Jupiter Solar flybys!

Unlike interstellar probe missions, we most likely do not need to do a close solar flyby because our goal is to do an Ice Giant orbit insertion. We need lower C3 to do this. After Solar flyby, we are looking for flyby opportunities for science and to perhaps lower our C3 to the Ice Giant (Saturn?)

Trade space

Fast Ice Giants close in Jupiter Solar flybys need a Saturn retrograde under the rings Oberth burn to lose C3 velocity

Fast Earth Jupiter Solar Slow Solar bending to a low C3 Neptune Orbit insertion


We are looking for solar flybys that bend our orbit to the ice giants after 2032 that are closed to Jupiter flybys.



Bocanegra+2015 (1)

ISSFD24_Paper_S6-1_campagnola (1)


If you are not concerned about Uranus or Neptune orbit insertion then there is this

What would be the result of the Jupiter Solar flybys for these ARGOS type mission proposals?


Planetary Science with an Interstellar Probe…/Mandt.pd..


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