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GEO Gateway space station

July 30, 2018

I am off the opinion that the ISS is best kept in orbit through 2032 and that as many COTS providers as possible benefit from it
The requirement should be those COTS providers should invest in that cislunar economy
(Boeing step up to the plate please)
Its the COTS folks who might make it to Mars we hope ISS could be an indirect subsidy for this

I was blogging the other night and the thought occurred to me that the Lunar Gateway is better located in GEO Its here that the most economic activity occurs and future economic activity is most likely to occur. Satellite servicing and a Cryogenic Zenon propellent depot would make sense as a human-tended outpost. How big can comsats be? The GEO gateway could demonstrate a very large EVA assembled Comsat

I think I need to write a blog entry just on the GEO gateway to further refine human GEO synergies perhaps satellite recovery and refurbishment AKA DARPA (Humans and robotics)


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