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San Francisco Solar/Wind/water Power and Light Corperation

July 13, 2018

San Francisco Solar/Wind/Water Power and Light Corporation

(A)(1) San Francisco would establish a self-funding corporation to build out a solar array and wind energy farms

(A(2) All city-funded buildings such as the nonprofits who provide housing, for example, would be required to accept city-owned power and water systems on the facade and rooftops. Rainwater and power would be sold to the grid

(A(3) Other city and local subdivisions would in place solar and water catchment systems that would be self-fundingĀ  (schools)

(B)(1) Legislation! the board of supervisors could require all recipients of city funding such as for housing to surrender their building facades and/or rooftops for rainwater catchment and solar and wind devices

(B)(2) Legislation! The Board of Supervisors would require all properties in escrow to be retrofitted with Solar power panels and rainwater recovery systems, the city power and light company would pay for and own the system if the owner opted out of paying for installation.



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