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High O2 late Carboniferous insect museum terrarium experiment exhibit

June 23, 2018

High O2 late Carboniferous insect museum terrarium experiment exhibit

(A)(1) would be about 15 meters long to allow The natural history museum to have visitors access.

(A)(2) The other side of the exhibit would have access doors to maintain the exhibit over time

(A)(3) The exhibit shall be called the “High O2 late Carboniferous insect Terrarium” and the experiment would be to have an enclosed ecosystem with insects of many species and to see over many decades if the insect populations respond by evolving gigantism! If the experiment paid off with say very large Dragonflies in a decade then this could become one of the worlds most visited exhibits! This is also an experiment so if the results do not produce an influx of visitors then we still gain knowledge.

Birds altered Insect Gigantism during high O2 events

High O2 levels effects in fruit flys

(A)(4) My fee for design and layout of the exhibit is $ 1 million paid out over 10 to 15 years(5) If something truly exciting develops over that 10 to 15 years that brings in a major influx of natural history museum visitors with an impact at the ticket sales box office then we would want a schedule of fee sharing ( 5 % ?)





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