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Tesla planatery pressurized and unpressurized rovers a synergy between SpaceX and Tesla

May 20, 2018

The Hypothesis is that the NASA kilo power nuclear reactor could charge a Tesla battery and provide power to the Tesla designed planetary rover. The Tesla rover would be contracted by SpaceX and other customers to reconnoiter the areas around BFR landing sites

Perhaps the sharing of customers as a rover goes about its business makes sense

The NASA Kilopower fission reactor also makes a lot of sense for Lunar Tesla designed rover and this fact means that there should be a commonality between Lunar and Mars Tesla planetary rovers. Lunar nights of 14 days and Martian dust storms argue for this commonality as well as cost savings in R & D and manufacturing

We should ensure that the Kilopwer fission reactor shares commonality with Mars power surface elements as well!

We think MEPAG decadal survey group should do a BFR Mars landing site study that includes this idea that there could be a surface mobility capability and where would be the science and where would BFR find the ice it is looking for.







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