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Insight- II The international Mars Alluvial fan explorer ( IMAFE )

May 6, 2018

Insight- II The international Mars Alluvial fan explorer ( IMAFE ) & ITAFE The International Titan Alluvial fan explorer


Hypothesis; Build a copy of the INsight lander which itself is a near copy of the Mars polar lander and run a NASA AO to determine through MEPAG candidate Alluvial fans to use the INsight drill to collect thermal and seismic data on a Mars eluvial fan and its underlying basement strata.

This concept could be developed by a self-described NASA HQ internship that Dr. Green tells me about where the PI could be Eleanor Rappolee and Jeremy Rapp.Dr. Green tells OPAG that they can write your own job description/internship to develop an idea at NASA HQ as graduate students and early carrier postdocs

We have radar altimeter data of the polar ice caps layers do we have this type of data for Martian alluvial fans? data such as this would tell us with stratigraphy if martian alluvial fans are catastrophic or formed over time? An Insight-II mission would give us ground truth


Dr Green and I at OPAG Atlanta discussed that this is a great way to build on your civil service pension and retiree health benefits and that it encourages diversity! Doing this also is a recruiting tool for NASA to keep interns as the carrier workers. I discussed with Dr green that federal service was “portable” IE USGS is also federal service.

Titan Eluvial fans? I think those might show strata and deposition(particle grades) by Methane flow that would tell us about past Titan seasonality through time. This would require a new lender but the principle of the drill and its thermal and seismic sensors would be the same. This drill would need to go through the NASA cold tech research process. The principal investigators would need to write grants to go visit the French!


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